Lex Petros: Ghostly Beauty OR Beautiful Ghost?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ghostly Beauty OR Beautiful Ghost?

I was surfing on the internet for up-coming movies to catch on this Saturday morning... and to my further....

Do you remember the long hair-face-covered girl ghost living in a well in 'The Ring' (2002) and 'The Ring 2' (2005)?
(yeah, that flick where people die after watching a video tape, 7 days later...but, one of the most creative horror flicks yet to be surpassed...then again, based on the Japanese novel by Koji Suzuki)

Samara Morgan vs. Kelly Stables

Samara Morgan (or her ghost, that is), based on a character in the Japanese horror flick 'Ringu' ,was ACTUALLY played by Kelly Stables, (damn gorgeous looking babe you see on the right hand picture above)... Man....

I find myself being in such an altered sense of perspective after looking at Kelly Stables' real self...damn...if ghosts looked like that, I'd get up on Halloween nite to go roaming... well, the 3rd instalment of this horror saga 'Rings' (2005) was realeased on video not too long ago...suffice to say this would not be a film you'd expect Naomi Watts to be might wonder why that girl just doesnt die? Maybe cuz she's already dead! he...he...

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