Lex Petros: Surreal Morning

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Surreal Morning

As I entered the lift at my condo this morning, I can't help but to listen to the conversation which took place between a little girl and her parents. The young lass, not more than 5 years old was pouting and whining. Then I heard the mother say:

"Girl, you must not stress yourself. We all go chill and relax okay? You can do your HOMEWORK when we come back"

I couldn't help it but look back at the young one. She was distraught la!

I thought the mother being a mother was merely trying to coax bambino into going to a family outing.

Then the father said :

"Don't worry la... you can do your homework later. Your teacher won't scold wan. It's only a Saturday?

OMG! This is a mirror universe. Parents telling a child NOT TO BE STRESSED? And a kid upset at not being able to do her homework??!?!?!?

It was hilarious though. I could not hold in longer. The moment the lift door opened, I dashed out and struggle to keep the guffaws in. I couldn't believe my ears!

I entered the Twilight Zone this morning!

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