Lex Petros: The World Needs Bigger Heroes

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The World Needs Bigger Heroes says one of the taglines for G-Force...

This latest Walt Disney film (and a Jerry Bruckheimer production) took to the big screen in Malaysia today, the 17th of September. I must say, the response was rather luke warm. The theatre was hardly filled. From the corner of my eye, a small family of no more than five or six and a few couples spaced out. The numbers were so different when Up was screening. I guess crime-fighting-secret-agent guinea pigs isn't exactly the biggest seller here...

The movie reminds me of Danger Mouse, an animated TV series in the early 80's portraying about a secret agent mouse in Britain with his side-kick, Penfold, a bumbling hamster foiling the maniacal and sinister plans of Baron Silas Greenback, the frog fondly referred by DM as "Baron". I think DM loosely parodies James Bond. I remember keeping graphic novels of DM to keep my after-school afternoons occupied and I even once made an eye-patch resembling DM's.

As raking in the profits is the main driving force for movie makers, so does it for the gaming industry . Sony has already debut G-Force for Playstation 3 which CNet gave a 4 1/2 star rating which roughly translates to "very good". The game DVDs are so costly over here. One could easily set you back by RM200 to RM300. To ensure returning clientele, I'm sure Sony would need to keep their gamers satisfied with good play quality.

I haven't spotted any toys or movie memorabilia in Toys R Us yet indicating that G-Force isn't expected to sell well with the kiddies. Maybe there's no big plans to market furry crime fighting toy stuff. I wouldn't think the prospect of having four or five furry guinea pigs appeal to the masses.

I'd rank this movie a 6.5/10 on my scale. Though it had its moments, this movie doesn't buy you over to say "hey! that was awesome!". It's for me, more of like a something to do on a boring Thursday night.


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