Lex Petros: Predators (2010) Review

Friday, July 23, 2010

Predators (2010) Review

Last month, I wrote about the movie (click here). After watching Predators, I do not stand to be corrected.
It's at best a rip-off of the 1987 Arnie flick. Same setting, different planet. The dialogue is a lackluster attempt to pay tribute to Predators and the battle in the jungles of Guatemala.
This sequel (after nearly 20 years after Predator) is nothing as suspenseful and thrilling as the old one. It doesn't feel like a hunt and the chase is a little more paced than a morning jog. The casting wasn't exactly a right feel for me-
  • Adrien Brody is not the guy to play a tough guy. He should stick to holocaust victims.
  • Lawrence Fishburne who appeared only about 5 minutes before getting disintegrated should stick to tutoring people called "the One"
The final battle was definitely a rip-off the first movie. The deliberate fires to set off the IR sensors in the Predator's visor and the covered-in-mud trick to be obscured from detection. Whilst they were at it, I wondered why they didn't put in a self-destruct scene. The movie's ending left audiences hanging with a distasteful attempt at a cliffhanger and to hint a possible sequel (whether on the silver screen or in novels)

I take back what I said about the Predators-Aliens crossovers after watching this movie.


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