Lex Petros: Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II 12'' figure (Ultra COOL!)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II 12'' figure (Ultra COOL!)

Last Sunday afternoon: This is what happens if I'm left wandering unsupervised at Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara.

I found my way to Shiok Toys.Com (to no surprise of me). Thanks or rather, no thanks to Kenny G, I couldn't get rid of the mental image of Iron Man after he showed me his Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II 12 inch figure. Amazing what a bunch of Hong Kies can do with plastic, paint and electronics. Okay, as I was saying:

I 'found' my way to Shiok Toys. I browsed, walked out of the shop, start beating myself up for not getting wind of this earlier and then I go in again and browse some more. I noticed a unit in the "This one for reserved only" section. Finally I couldn't help myself but to ask the sales attendant, "When are you getting stocks of the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark II 12 inch figure?", to which he replied "Don hav wor?". Obvious to the impression I got, I sought to clarify my query and responded "I know you don't have it. When are the new stocks arriving?". At his peril, he replied "Don't know ar". I left with Kenny before I started to flip. Turnips have displayed better tact that this.

Desire overwhelms principle, as I discovered. Kenny did suggest that Rey, the proprietor of the hobby shop could 'compel' the staff to 'let go' of reserved items as certain 'reservers' could have possibly omitted making good on collection. Good plan...till we discovered that none of us had Rey's number. What to do? Go to Shiok Toys again. This time, Kenny pointed straight to the 'reserved unit' and proposed "How long has THAT Mark II been sitting there? When is the reservation period expiring? " Then I completed the sentence for him and needless to say, is "I will take that NOW if you'd let it go."

The sales guys consulted a colleague. The latter walked to the back of the shop and walla! He returned with one new box (despite the former position of 'no stock). Kenny gently liberated the unit from its casing and dammit!...the lighting unit for the arc reactor flickered and dimmed. Kind of cool if one were to reenact the "2% power left" scene from the movie, but no thanks. Our friend went to the store again and came out with ANOTHER unit (see how stocks can actually be available if you were to insist?). This one was priceless. The knee-cap joint just fell apart. Hmmm... ANOTHER one appears. This time, I told Kenny to use a fine-tooth comb to check the details. It passed QC.

For almost the same price as a Masterreplica lightsaber, this has excellent display and play quality. Fully articulate, with movable vanes and airbrakes, missile launchers on both arms and of course, interchangeable hands with repulsors. Fully lit as well. The visors and the arc reactor comes on with a flick on a switch on his rear-right shoulder and the left and right arms have independent switches to light up the repulsors.

Batteries are included. Comes also with a display stand to keep the figure balanced for display and during flight mode, if you so choose to pose him that way...

As a bonus, it comes with a mini-replica of Tony Stark's arc reactor displayed in a case which he scratched-built in the movie. Yes, it lights up too, as you can see.

The head is interchangeable. The HIGHLIGHT is that one's the normal head and the SPECIAL one comes with Tony Stark's face with a ...guess what...magnetically detachable face plate....with clear eye pieces and...details on the inside of the face plate. The guys at Hot Toys didn't spare the effort. Certainly a grade A+ product. Check out the skin tone and the details on Stark's face.

It's sitting on my office table now just waiting for the Mark III to join him. I'm trying to win a bid on ebay for that one. It's out of stock all over town.