Lex Petros: A Wedding and A Fancy Dress Birthday Party

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Wedding and A Fancy Dress Birthday Party

Congratulations James and Angie!

I found myself attending two celebrations last night...

The first being James Ang and Angie Choong's wedding dinner at the Hotel Equatorial. I first met James whilst handling recovery litigation for RBS. James had just taken over one of the files from a previous officer (then still ABN Amro). As time went on, James' family approached me to handle probate and personal matters. One fine day last week, I got a call from James telling me his wedding is on the 26th of Sept; Saturday!

When I first arrived at the hotel's lobby, I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind not expecting to know anyone there. Then, a familiar face. Waris Kamal (a banker with RBS dealing with Mergers & Acquisitions) and Yuen Ling (another banker with RBS who still keeps in touch with one of the partners of the firm). Waris was unmistakable as the guy whose crotch I accidentally shot in a paintball game! hehe

I had to say the 8-course dinner at the Golden Phoenix Restaurant in the hotel was good. I particularly enjoyed the onion sauced chicken, an uncommon dish unlike in most 3rd course Chinese dinner where the poultry's preparation would be dry..

Next...Abi's house to celebrate my young lawyer friend, Keneshwaran Kandiah who in good spirit of things, decided to organize (with Abi, his significant other) a fancy dress birthday party!

Birthday boy got his I-Phone 3Gs!

I haven't been to a fancy dress party in ages! It's hilarious seeing my friends donning costumes at parties, something we all used to do when we were 15!

"Happy Birthday Princess!"
(don't ask how that name stuck with him)

Ken was in a Roman general costume but a Maximus Desimus Meridius he ain't. :) Abi was I think Charlie Chaplan. Ravin (seen with Ken above) was "the Godfather", but without the Tommy-gun.

Dee Wei was in a Jedi outfit flanked by his reluctant apprentice, Alex Netto. Koki grew wings of an angel and Mina (Sarah) a viking goddess or some kind. Naturally, yours truly was a Starfleet commander just having beamed himself into the festivities!

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