Lex Petros: YouTube: Ultimate Free Advertisement

Monday, August 09, 2010

YouTube: Ultimate Free Advertisement

The gargantuan numbers who visit YouTube has become a phenomenon. The Voca People is one recent example. An ensemble of vocal talents ranging tenor, soprano and alto have become an overnight success, conducting tours from Brazil to TelAviv. These expletive eight were something else altogether. No instruments, no synthesizer, just pure vocals.

The power of visuals have always been the cornerstone of the television and media ads. Undiscovered talents are found, nurtured and turned into international superstars without a moment's notice. I cannot fathom the potential of thousands of hits a day. For me, it's a source of cheap entertainment. Users and members can upload videos in many formats including MP4, DivX and AVI.

The lights of Charice Pempengno would not have been seen if not for YouTube. She was 14 years old when her uncle decided to upload a video of her singing. The hits took a while to gestate; about a year or so and after that, the sky's the limit. She' sung in Oprah, paired with Bianca Ryan and performed with legendary music composer, David Foster. She's now taken the world by storm, deserving a 6-time standing ovation when she appeared in one of her earliest stage shows in the Mandalay Bay.

The social networking via YouTube is by no means small. I've observed users exchanging contacts as well as eBay profiles and offers to sell or buy. Transactions are spurned when a potential buyer gets a preview at that irresistible sleekness of a new Iphone or the road-gripping new Audi RS5 on the track. It's a fantastic way to sell when bypassing the TV networks. Effective advertising with minimal cost.