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Friday, November 26, 2010

Rittenhouse Star Trek 2009 Movie Costume Cards

Over the years embarking on collecting Trek merchandise and collectibles, little is done about actually owning a part of movie history until now. I've always been a great fan of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Now, I have a piece of costume by Spock and an autographed photo of Bill Shatner is being dispatched to me as I blog. Of course, that would probably be in the next few postings in which the rest of the captains' autographs will be subject of discussion.

Back to the issue at hand...I ordered almost a dozen costume cards, made by Rittenhouse Archives. They come layered in gloss-coated cards which houses the vaunted fabric...those worn by the very people who portrayed the legendary crew of the USS Enterprise.

These fantastic non-sporting cards are affordable now and most can be found on eBay. If not for the sentimental value, they'd make a great investment. In years to come, I'd probably be able to ask for 2-3 times the value, possibly more on the rarer ones.

But I noticed prices going up. Released end 2009, they were between USD15-20, but now easily goes for USD25 and above, depending on which cast member or character. They're the next best thing to autographs, which incidentally Rittenhouse carries also. Naturally, they come at a premium now and are scarce. I would however, love to come into possession of a JJ Abrams autograph. The man behind the alternate reality in Trekkers' lives.

The other reason for expanding into these collectibles is the uniform material pattern. Trekkers have always known and been sharing that they're tiny delta shields in a repeated motive. If I so wish, I could do some more research to acquire the correct uniform replica to be added to my personal collection. Having these costume cards now gives me the perfect excuse.

Last I read, all cast members of ST09 has signed up for ST XII (2012) and JJ Abrams has been very very tight-lip about the whole thing. No one knows for sure the plot that awaits intrepid Trekkers worldwide, but I suspect that the sequel to the alternate reality franchise will not be a let down. The suspense kills me everyday with speculations flaring in my mind. But as one great captain once said...all things have their place in time.

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