Lex Petros: Cortical Stimulator: My interpretation

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cortical Stimulator: My interpretation

After watching countless episodes of Star Trek Voyager on Youtube, I decided to embark on making a prop which exists not in my collection. The life-saving cortical stimulator, a 24th century medical equipment which induces neural activity in the brain by electric shocks, much like a defibrillator except it channels pulses straight into the cerebral cortex instead of via your torso.

Parts needed:
An old calculator, flip-flop circuitry, glue,
paints, parts you can scrounge out from your
tool box and a vivid imagination

The "On" button is in gray and as you may have
noticed, is a recycled calculator key pad. Also notice the
now exposed circuit board of the deceased

3 hours later, something to add to my ever growing
prop collection.

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