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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pakistan Flood Victims Aid: Help Please!

The flood ravaged nation of Pakistan has called for help. It's government says it cannot cope and is beyond capacity to send aid. International aid is coming in very slowly...too slowly. Many countries have pledged but has yet to convert them into cash and aid. As you all know, starvation and diseases are the most prone after floods.

Over and above that, some "fake camps" have been set up to divert the much precious aid and supplies to non-essential groups. Many are going hungry everyday. Hospitals are overcrowded. Triage systems have been set up to pay attention to the ones which half-a-chance to survive. Many of those sick are children stricken with water-born diseases such as cholera. Malnutrition rates are going up.
UNICEF is currently providing enough clean water for 1.3 million people every day, but millions more need the same services.

The Government of Pakistan estimates 20 million people overall have been hit by the flood crises, and according to the United Nations, at least 15 million people have been seriously affected, half of whom are children.

UNICEF is concerned that the floods have hit "the poorest of the poor", those least able to survive the present harsh conditions

Ways you can help:
  • Pakistani High Commission through Affin Bank account 20-002063910-9 (titled "PRIME MINISTER'S FLOOD RELIEF FUND 2010"). For more information, call 03-2161 4985 or email
  • The Malaysian Red Crescent Society's efforts are currently being directed to Pakistan, to help with relief work. Cheques should be made out to the MRCS International Relief Fund and banked into Maybank Account No 5144-2210-2657.
  1. Maybank (account name: MERCY HUMANITARIAN FUND, account number : 5621-7950-4126, ABA Swift Code: MBBEMYKLA) or
  2. CIMB Bank (account name: MERCY Malaysia, account number: 1424-000-6561053, ABA Swift Code: CIBBMYKL)
  • United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

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