Lex Petros: Amelia & Chien Li's Wedding (Part 2 ) - Prince Hotel

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Amelia & Chien Li's Wedding (Part 2 ) - Prince Hotel

It's about 7.30pm, at the Grand Ballroom of the Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Yee Boon and I had arrived about an hour earlier to check out the bride and groom's honeymoon suite and to check out the video montage of Amelia and Chien Li's pictures of the tea ceremony and outdoor shots earlier during the day...again...we awaited the customary wedding banquet...a quintessencial aspect of chinese wedding rituals...

Gourmet chocolates anyone? One of the few tasty treats provided in the honeymoon suite

Tan Yee Boon... photograher extraordinaire...

Mr and Mrs Tony Lim...Tony is our ex-colleague of Khaw & Partners, Amelia's lunch buddy, Yee Boon and my sparring partner in Counterstrike (commonly known to us as 'CS')... who had just returned from Hong Kong to grace this auspicious occassion...was pretty glad seeing him again...couldn't help but display a gleaming smile and giving him a very warm hug when I first noticed him coming out of the of the few people I've come to cherish, despite a rather rough start....the quattro would have been complete had David Lai was around...

Meera (soon-to-be Vice President of Affin Investment Bank) and Putri Syaidatul, also our ex-colleague of Khaw & Partners.

Putri Syaidatul and Irene Yong (soon to leave K&P to take a one-year study break in Sydney, Australia)

As usual, no wedding banquet...chinese that is...would be complete without the 3-fold YAM SENG session

Our table...No. 28.

After a long nite, all of us were just being very casual and indulging in some tomfoolery...that's Kok Ling on the lef, Yee Boon's missus and of course, the newest member of the Brotherhood of the Rose, Yee Boon himself... Not mentioning Chien Li who was dragged up on stage for some drinking song session and Amelia, who just was too exhilirated to think of anything else
(I suppose that expression shows it all)