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Friday, November 07, 2008

Bond ...James Bond....Is it?

To watch or not to watch...that is the question.
I am mortified by the comments made by my friends who's gone to the pictures. Yee Boon opines its a "waste of time".

Of course, my politically-correct colleague, Sankar (although he hasn't watch the movie) defends the position and preempts further remarks by encouraging yours truly to watch it as an "action movie" and not to expect too much to see the suave spy relishing his shaken (but not stirred) vodka martini as we have known him to be by reason that this Bond is a "diamond in the rough" (after all, its a prequel). Sensible as it sounds, I've always been one who sticks to tradition and identity. An action movie is certainly NOT a Bond flick trait.

Giving the benefit of the doubt will not be easy had I not watch Casino Royale, the first prequel of the Bond family.

Sean Connery set precedent without a doubt, which in his time, took espionage and spydom to a whole new standard. He will always "the" James Bond in my contemplation. The quintessence of a Bond persona is Connery.
George Lazenby was a good try to say the least. Timothy Dalton was not even an attempt and Roger Moore was really entertaining, during a time where the budgets moved the movies half-way accross the world which at that time, was an impressive move for storytelling and dramatics. I did enjoy all the Bond flicks Moore was in. Then came Pierce Brosnan, who projects Bond's persona very well indeed. Then again, many (including I) believes that the torch should have been passed to him long time ago. He does not necessarily make the 'best' Bond, but he'll do.

Nothing against Daniel Craig, but he does look like he can stand in for Jason Statham for a Transporter sequel. And where are all the Bond girls? I mean, the 'real' Bond girls? Something is just artificial about the new Bond films.

I will go watch QOS by reason that it's rumoured the new Trek movie trailer will preceed the movie. According to YB, it does not. I'm beginning to think that the info I got off the net is very less accurate now...but, if I get a favourable confirmation, it'll be a go for me, if not, I will gratefully wait for the DVD


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Blogger aindhy said...

It's not the the Bond of the old - that's for sure!

You know... I'm of two minds on this as well... and if I was asked to make a call I'd say Casino Royale was an AMAZING Action movie... and an average Bond movie at best (Haven't seen Quantum of Solace)... so I expect more of the same... BUT seems like it's doing very well in terms of box office - might even equal The Dark Knight it seems

11:40 AM  
Blogger aindhy said...

I couldn't bring myself to say 'beat out'

11:43 AM  

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