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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pufferfishy Photography

My dive instructor and good friend, Asther Lau is launching her new website soon!

I suspect she's on a way to becoming a full time professional underwater photographer. She does portraits and events too when she's not suiting up for a dive :). Branding her work "AstherLau Photography", she's definitely determined to make a kill in the industry...

I think Asther makes an excellent photographer, but don't take my word for it. If you're interested, you could check out some of her work on "AstherLau Photography"or a posting on her blog on June 17 (click here). Her superb skills will make you look heavenly. I definitely vouch for her...

What started as a hobby at capturing sea slugs and pelagics is turning into an alternate career path for this avid diver. Asther is an accomplished dive instructor. She's been also feature in magazines and other websites. For instance, Nudi Pixel says:
"...A Malaysian, specifically born and bred in Borneo (Sarawak). Started diving in 1999 after returning from 2 years studying in the U.S. Scuba diving was her first career after finishing school...
...She has dived almost 80% of Malaysian dive sites, and only recently Asther started venturing into the neighboring countries such as Indonesia & Thailand. Her dream is to be able to spread her wings further & venture into more dive places in the near future. Will not stop until God Forbids."
Her pictures are also posted and featured on NudiPixel. Click here to check them out!

Recently, Asther's photographs' of Mabul's marine splendour has been featured on the May 2008 publication of Action Asia magazine.

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