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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Farewell Eng Lai

Wednesday, 30th April.
And then there was 5.
Today is the last day for Tai Eng Lai with us. She's been working for the firm for the last 2 years plus. Going on to greater prospects. The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city seem to have more allure to her compared to KL.

Well, we had a nice and sumptous dinner at the Prego Restaurant, Westin Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. Yee Boon, Sankar, Jennifer, Lan Fang and mua. Miss Tai, of course, was the guest-of-honour. The starters were good. We had this tiny melon looking thingy with cheese, some mushroom topped with hard-boiled eggs and blue cheese and fried calamari several loafs of bread before and during that. The pasta preparations and the steaks were ok. But we had a 'fishy' (no pun intended) experience with the smoked salmon pizza. I reckon the fish wasn't "smoked"enough.

But on a parting note, I must have my two cents' worth on Eng Lai:

  • This 'Ipoh-Mali' girl is from, well... Ipoh, a city known for pomelos, tau geh chicken rice and great kuey teow;
  • This girl probably has the worst sense of humour among all the lawyers in the firm. On an average day, a door-knob has more humour than her;
  • She's constantly been the butt of our jokes. Especially for Sankar, who often got on her nerves and whom she chronically shrugs off by her famous about-turn of her head followed by her a dismissive "hmmph!";
  • Her lunch buddy was always Lan Fang. (Now, poor Lan Fang has to eat alone or worse, with me! he he);
  • She has no clue how to take care of her car. Until recently, she always thought that the water level on the car's battery is to show the charge level. So, full means full charge and half means half charge. She also drives her Kancil around like it's a horse on steroids. Given a chance, she'd probably try to steeple-jump that thing.
Sorry la Eng Lai... consider this a farewell "gift" for you. See you when I see you!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter Cheong! Your allegations are so untrue and unfounded. She has more sense of humour than anybody else okay? Its just that your so-called joke wasn't funny at all.... she was just being honest and expressed her true feeling. :p
And about the car.... she just asked for help for once!! Anyway, that car is old~~~

12:07 AM  

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