Lex Petros: Day 3: THE WEDDING!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Day 3: THE WEDDING!!!!

10.11.2007, Saturday...I'm not going to narrate much in this posting...I suppose a picture is worth a thousand words....but this humble blogger would be much obliged if you could join me in wishing Francis and Asther 'congratulations and God speed' on this blessed day...

Francis and Asther with Father Albert Jacobse
on the foyer of the St. Joseph Cathedral Church

From left: Francis' mum, Peter Tan (Francis' dad),
Francis, Asher and Timothy (Asher's bro)

Asther: "Okay, who will be the lucky one to get married next?"

Leonard: "Me Me Me!!!"

The happy couple...

Francis and Asther's speech at the wedding reception

The family photo

You can also read more about the wedding on Asther's blog: What was in my mind!