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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Kudos! PDRM

Well done, Tan Sri Musa Hassan, the policemen responsible for the outcome and the PDRM...for once.

Suffice to say, the culprit behind the uncalled for posting of Nurin's autopsy photos on the internet will be charged soon (click here).

It is heart wrenching to know enough for Nurin's family to had to endure the murder of their daughter, but to find out that some insensitive, sadistic CLOWN who had the audacity to post her autopsy pictures on the internet really makes my blood boil.

The sacredness of one's loss should never be abused for the sake of entertainment...lest morons out there who gets off by viewing such images...Shame on you, to say the least!!

The advent of the internet is certainly not for fools and the many menaces to society. For with great power comes great responsibility (eat your heart out, Spidey!)


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Blogger aindhy said...

Pete... with the advent of the so called citizen journalists... who have NO training on media and who do not have two thoughts in their heads (when it comes to responsible journalism)...

Pandora's box is open... we gotta deal with the consequences.

2:18 AM  
Blogger Peter said...

Yeah buddy, the responsibility of keeping our children and us safe lies only not in the hands of the enforcement but also on all of us...Let us heed the old adage of "our home is our castle", therefore, we must take arms to defend it and its inhabitants...

1:19 AM  

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