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Friday, July 06, 2007

Family Reunion

July 2, 3 & 4
It's yet another family reunion. 2 years in a row now... Last year, my dad's cousin, Uncle Chee Tuck (click here for previous post) organized one. And this year, my dad's other cousins returned to Malaysia for another visit. Uncle Sek Kin, Janet and Suzie, all siblings and children of my late uncle, Leong Wing Foo decided to have a small reunion-cum-holiday. The routine for these intrepid lot is eat and shop, eat and shop like there's no tomorrow.

From left, clockwise: Ah Yin, Helen, Eddy and Sek Kin

With Janet (whom we call Ah Yin) and husband Eddy Wu (from Taiwan and a shipping tycoon!), the nite was sure to be only a big 'yum seng' session. My cousins (their children), Terry, John and Jeeno Wu, whom I haven't seen for years now tagged along. Jeeno will be getting married next year, giving me a reason to go to Taiwan. Better get a few mandarin phrases brushed may just come in handy instead of parroting "wo pu hweh chiang hwa yi" all the time...

Darryl and Jane

Uncle Sek Kin and wife Aunty Helen returned with Darryl (my cousin) and wife, Jane (picture in the middle) and their new born baby girl. Darryl is heading on to be one of Australia's most well known cardiologist...and he's only 29.

Left: Seen with Suzie and Janet are my 7th and 8th aunts (seated). 8th aunt's been in Ipoh most of her life, despite our implores to move to KL. 7th aunt on the other hand is has been around almost all her life.

Our dinners are always anything but mediocre. The first nite, in my absence was a dinner hosted by Eddy and Janet at the Overseas Restaurant, Jln Imbi, KL...followed by northern indian delights at the Bombay Palace, Jln Ampang and finally, a sumptous chinese sit-down donner at the resplendent Li Yen at the Ritz-Carlton. It's always a treat to have so many nice dinners in a row, but I reckon I should start breaking out the weighing scale soon.

Oh well, till next year or so...

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