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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July 1st, 2007.

Congratulations Mee Queen and Edward! Just barely 3 weeks after receiving a call from MQ, I found myself at yet another wedding dinner. My 4th one so far in a span of 6 months. This time, at the Ritz-Carlton, KL. This was also a mini Sunway College "reunion" for some of us who went to college with MQ.

MQ was my A-level schoolmate at Sunway College back in '94. She was known as the shortcake girl who lived in Klang whose father owned a printing press. We used to trail down all the way to Klang to meet up for bak-kut-teh and to visit another Klangite, Raymond Soosai, another Sunway groupie. Needless to say, this meet-up wedding dinner was another path down 'Nostalgia Street'.

Especially with Rabinder Singh, now Datuk Rabinder Singh and lovely, but quite pregnant wife, Simren, Simon Hong (my god-brother), Alison Anthony, Yin Kit, Edmund Marc De-Run, James Teh and missus. All of us were once terrorizing our Econs lecturer back at Sunway College. Now, surely and steady, one by one are getting married.

From left: Takashi (not sure who he is) , MQ's dad, MQ's mum, Nigel Walker (Edward's brother), Rabinder, Simren, MQ, Simon, James, Missus James and a Takashi's girl

Yin Kit and Alison

Rabin and Simren

Now, rewind a little, Rabin was my one of my best buds in college. We remember his antiques back then, until he met the lights of Simren Kaur Sachdev. Yes, the "love at first sight" cliche applies here as well. Pretty soon, Rabin was despatching Alison to pass love cards to the then, not-so-pregnant bai girl. After about 2 years of courtship, they got married in '04 and look at these loving couple in the oven some more.

We were really quite a fun bunch, always making it just in time for class after a good hour or two of Outrunners (an old arcade racing game), which we indulged at Sunway Parade. We drove our lecturers up the wall. We had our run-ins with each other and we wasted a lot of time, but, we were living life doings the things we did.

Good luck Mee Queen. Have it great in London!!!


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