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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Counsin's Wedding Dinner

June 10th. My counsin Stanley Wong (referredd by the rest of us as "Chee Seng") hosted a Ipoh-style wedding dinner at the Pusing Public Restaurant on Jalan Veerasamy, complete with a compliment of Hokkien-singing kareoke aunties and kau-foos (uncles). My counsin is married to Rachel Cheong (my family's name's sake).

Being the only one with a DSLR, I took my chance to step in as the official-unofficial camera guy. I'm beginning to enjoy being a menace with my lens. :)

After years of not seing my relatives, times like these certainly make trips like last Sunday's worth it. Always enjoy the catching up sessions with my counsins. Just look at Chee Keong's (Chee Seng's elder brother) daughter, Mun Yee. Such a bundle of joy. My, that makes me her "low piu koh"!!! , and she'll probably start calling me when she learns to speak. Chee Keong has a 7 year old son who is already calling me that! Geeez!

At times like this, my mind is jostled by the thought of wether this KL boy is growing old. Feels like it especially when my counsins are getting married one by one...hehe. Everytime I'm confronted with the usual question of "when is it your turn?", my well-rehearsed answer would be, "I'm married to the job", shrugging them off later with a laugh and promptly changing the subject.

No night is complete without having the groom joining his inebriated classmates on stage to do their tipsy version of "Pang Yow" (cantonese for "friends").

The drive back from Ipoh took a little longer than usual. Reckoned it was the last day of the school was bumper to bumper just after Lembah Beringin.

Chee Seng and wife has gone to Phuket for their honeymoon. I look forward to catching up with him when he comes back.

Well, my heartiest congratulations to the happy couple and my uncle and aunt ('ku cheong' Wong Yew Man and 'tai ku', Cheong Yoke Kam).

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