Lex Petros: Jalan Duta Court Complex...a fast one or a farce one

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jalan Duta Court Complex...a fast one or a farce one

I reckon I should blog about the new and collossal Jalan Duta Court Complex or OFFICIALLY known as the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex, which became "operational" in May 2007 .

Some facts for perspective:-

Fact 1: The JDCC will house 30 High Courts, 21 Sessions Courts and 26 Magistrate's Courts. (That's 77 Courts under one roof).

Fact 2: The JDCC has 500 parking bays.

Fact 3: The JDCC was proclaimed to be the biggest court complex in the world (until it was discovered that it's the 2nd largest after India).

Fact 4: Cost of the JDCC = RM290 million.

Now, some 'REAL' facts for perspective:

Fact 1: Just barely a month into operation, the ceiling in the building collapses.

Fact 2: Shah Alam Court Complex (approx 6 hectares) = 150 parking bays. JDCC (approx 12 hectares) = 500 parking bays. (So, the JDCC is now the Shah Alam Court in Kuala Lumpur)

Fact 3: Jalan Duta does not have any LRT routing services. ( Like the Shah Alam Courts ,
if you didn't have your own transport, you'd still have to switch 2 or more buses if you're coming from PJ or you'd still have to take a cab, so again, the JDCC is now the Shah Alam Court in Kuala Lumpur)

Fact 4: The Basement Level of the JDC houses a cafeteria, 2 auction rooms, the mail room, the Bar room and the Subordinate Court's Registry (SPACE ECONOMY...Maybe, they should have thought of putting a sports room too, so that when lawyers finish filing their papers, they can have a meal, put up their feet with other lawyers, attend a couple of public auctions and end the day with some ping pong!)

Fact 5: Nice Court rooms, but no notice boards (I guess it's more economical using cellular tape)

Think again.

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