Lex Petros: After 6 years

Saturday, February 03, 2007

After 6 years

Yesterday evening marked my 2nd badminton game for the season. I started playing with the boys at the office's sports complex last week, but had to see how well I could still play. Anyway, looks like the game still requires that much of resilience and stamina, not to mention technique and agility. I must say that my rally is ok, but need to improve my backhand. Net play is ok, but somehow, lack the power during smashes. In fact, I'm suprised I can go on after literally no exercise for years.

Nonetheless, definitely a good avenue to vent out my frustrations in the court. Nothing like a sweating-it-up workout for the day.

Last weekend, I went to Sungei Wang Plaza; this shop called "Dynamic Sports" (G045), where I got my new badminton court shoes and my new racquet, Yonex brand, of the 'Muscle Power' series, the ones with the isometric head designs (where the top of the head of the racquet is flat) supposed to reduce shocks and reverberations, making it more stable in your grip....oh well, all that and I forgot to buy a proper grip for it, so, was concentrating on playing without losing the racquet...incidentally, that was the game I lost, using the new Yonex.

I'm looking forward to next week's game, before the Chinese New Year week.