Lex Petros

Friday, December 22, 2006

T-Minus 3 days to Christmas
TGIF. Now, looking forward to the long weekend to come. Tomorrow, I will be going around to see if I can pick up something for myself. Before that, I'd be meeting up with David Lai and Cheryl at Ecotint in the morning. Cheryl's getting her brand new Honda Civic tinted.

Man, what a long day today was. Managed to survive a rush-job finalizing a defence and counter claim, not mentioning an affidavit, all due today. Didn't catch that much sleep last nite. Was struggling to settle my work. Can't leave too much untied. But I'm really glad the day is over. Looking forward to the next. I will take a breather anytime, no matter how brief. These days, those things comes in scarce supply. :)