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Monday, December 18, 2006

T-Minus 7 days to Christmas

Phew... managed to complete my shopping detail for the holiday season...not easy to shop for stuff these days...too little time, too many people in the shopping areas and too little cash to spend :) I've already exchanged some present with some close friends...hope my stash is bigger this year (hint hint) :P

Anyway, today was a relatively slow day. I'm beginning to see the 'Christmas spirit' working its charm on everyone. Noticed your colleagues and bosses? I bet some of them are already thinking of what to so the weekend to come, which party to go to, where to shop and where to eat. My boss is getting a little 'Christmassy', I think.

Diagressing from the holiday sentiments a little, you remember the famous 2 dudes with the lightsabers in the 5 minute video choreograhy? Yes, I'm referring to none other than 'Ryan V. Dorkman' (click here to go to the link) , otherwise known within the fans as 'RVD'. Orignally created for (and winner of)'s first Lightsaber Choreography Competition, this video has become a world internet phenomenon...(if you have time, download the;s damn me)

Well, that was in 2003. Now, the 2 lightsaber-wielding dudes are up and about again...this time, a more action-packed, upgraded, beefed-up version, aptly called '
Ryan V. Dorkman 2' (click here to go to the link) Well, what do you expect? RVD Episode 2? Now, with a better budget and more cinematographic effects, this instalment should be worth catching... release date: 3/1/2007.
May the Force be with you.

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Blogger Asther said...

Thank you for the Christmas gift, dear! Yours will come soon, before I leave for my dive trip!

11:37 AM  

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