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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

T-Minus 5 days to Christmas
It's started!
People are in the holiday mood now. My boss was going around wishing everyone "Happy Holidays"during the office 'Pot Luck' party today. Many dishes were laid for our palate...springrolls, rum fruit cake, my boss' ' Yule Log', deserts and more. Basically, most of the lawyers chipped in for half a dozen pizzas from Dominoes. And to top it all up, beer to wash down the sumptous meal...

Gifts are already exchanged among some of us at the office. I've given my dear secretaries their presents and decorated my office with moderate Christmas ornaments. This is it! Another 5 days to go and we'll be celebrating Christmas 2006!

Well, I also got my gifts...well, redemption gifts actually...from my Citibank air revitaliser (yes, one of those things that swish water in a translucent container around), a Black & Decker Battery-Powered Screwdriver set and a tie-pin & cuff-link set.

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