Lex Petros: Farewell My Dear Colleagues

Monday, January 22, 2007

Farewell My Dear Colleagues

Well, another friendly face leaves Khaw & Partners. Irene Yong, fondly referred by the rest of us as "Tai Ka Ceh" (big sister in Cantonese). Nearly 4 years in K&P, our senior conveyancing associate, now is on route to Sydney, Australia to further her studies.

Irene will be attending classes in Child Psychology at Macquarie University. A rather suprising choice, but only show's Irene's passion to work with children. Well Irene, UNICEF could use more people like you.

Today also marks the last day for Meera Marimuthu at K&P. She's going up, literally to Affin Investment Bank Berhad (formerly known as Affin Merchant Bank Berhad) about 8 floors above our office. Meera's been with K&P since Dec 02. Too long to see someone like her go.

Meera's the new Vice President, having a portfolio in Capital Markets and Private Debt Securities.

Dubbed as my "office wife", I'll really miss Meera, especially the occasional fights we have on the most trivial matters. Also my KFC-eating companion.

Well, I guess she'll be very close by in any event.

Anyway, I wish you gals all my very best. I am confident you will find much fulfilment and happiness in your new-found paths.

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