Lex Petros: All said and done

Thursday, January 18, 2007

All said and done

Today, I learned a very important adage...actually, it just 'appeared' in my mind:

" You can make things idiot-proof, but you can never really idiot-proof people"

Eg. A colleague of mine had sent an affidavit to the US for affirmation. The counsular office did everything correct vide affixing his signature and the consulate's seal under this hand, but omitted altogether, his affirmation towards translation of the affidavit and the particulars of the translator...might as well throw the affidavit into the dump now... So, I suggested to render INSTRUCTIONS for the fresh affidavit prior to having it sent. As you would have it, the blanks and signing portions would be a give-away that something needs to be penned in those blanks, but NO... neither the consular office nor the deponent could draw a clue from the apparent spaces between the text it... about "Go figure"

I also came accross a quote posted by our office manager, Eric on our email portals today which goes something like this:

"It is better to honest and say things to one's displeasure than to be misleading and say things to one's liking"

I suppose much credence can be lent to that quote especially applying it to the age-old idiom:

"the truth always hurts"