Lex Petros: Long Blogging Hiatus

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Long Blogging Hiatus

To all my dear readers (I know I'm quite presumptious when I say this),

I realise I've not been posting anything new since March. Work has kinda taken up a 'hyperspeed' pace. Not to to mention the incredible hours I spend at the office. Still, I feel obliged to post something to keep this blog continuous.

Thinking of putting up this blog for sale, but if I remember correctly, I don't have any proprietary rights to do so. Merely a humble licensee to use the virtual space on Blogger.

Well, it's an early Sunday morning. That's because I don't sleep that much anymore. I reckon I've adapted to being a nocturnal not too long ago. "Strictly nocturnal" as Cherly Lim would describe herself. I seem to have gravitated to being so. These days, I savour the residual hours in a day (or night) to catch up on general affairs and anything else aside from work.

Just give me some time to load up some photos and penning the events over the last 1 month or son.

I will be on 'blogging' track again!!! Till all are one!

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