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Monday, February 26, 2007

Surreal Sunday

February 25th... The day started out like any typical Sunday... getting myself up in time for church service and then, getting home to do some house chores. What was needed to change this routine is Cheryl Lim (editor and writer and 'fishtarian' extraordinaire) . Just one phone call and I was on my way with Ms. Lim to Kanna Curry House (Section 17).

Banana leaf rice was not what exactly what I had in mind, but Cheryl's suggestion was more appealling compared to fried chicken with 15 herbs and spices (which I suddenly developed a crave for). Besides, Cheryl was pretty exacting about the whole indian food affair.

Not too long after putting our orders, Jill ( fellow lawyer, Hello Kitty fan and diver, as I discovered) and Kok Chen ( Jill's company who came back from the US about a year ago) came along to join in, at the behest of Cheryl.

I thought Jill was quite a Sarah Michelle Gellar look-a-like. Needless to say, I couldn't resist to express my thoughts...ordinarily, not a very smart thing during an intro session. 'Corniness' is something I seldom display these days, but hey.... something's gotta give on a Sunday afternoon...

Cheryl and I left for The Curve after binging, whilst Jill and Kok Chen parted ways to make a short visit somewhere.... I must say, spending an hour over in a bookstore reminded me of the times I could actually afford to hang out. Suffice to say I was pleased to stock up my Star Trek book collection.

I got my hands on 3: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion, complete with all 167 episodes, all synopsized, Star Trek Star Charts (an atlas of the Milky Way Galaxy) and The Starfleet Survival Guide (would you like to know how to overload your phaser? or repel unwanted lifeforms by calibrating your tricorder?) Well, what did you expect ? We were waiting for Jill and Kok Chen to join us for dessert, which by the time they came, had turned into tea time.

We ended up at the Empress Cafe, a quaint little cafe located at a corner in front of Cineleisure with rich, sinful chocolate cakes sharing the same base and presented in variants. he he... Choc banana, choc caramel and plain choc, all choc...economies of cocoa usage at its prime, I reckon!

Tea was only halfway into our journey of culinary delights. After parting ways with Jill and Kok Chen, Cheryl and I moved on to One Utama where we, found ourselves AGAIN in a bookstore.

Finally: Dinner! Our palates were satisfied once more, this time at Miss Read (Delicious). I had their Sambal Udang Tumis while Cheryl (not suprisingly) , a plate of fungi with a side serving of what appears to be some plants and herbs you could find in an English garden :)

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Blogger Asther said...

Hey dear... your blog's getting better, especially the photos! Keep them coming! It's nice to b able to "catch-up" with happenings on ur end while I'm away. Keep blogging! Take care!

3:50 PM  
Anonymous eric said...

is that gloria in the first pic..?

9:04 AM  
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