Lex Petros: Uncle Chee Tuck's Party

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Uncle Chee Tuck's Party

My second cousin, Leong Sek Kai had indicated for these pictures to be published on the blog. My father's counsin Leong Chee Tuck, my second cousin... I think... had organized a party on July 8th, 06 for family and particularly his ex-colleagues and staff in the civil service with whom they served together. The event was held at the Summer Palace Restaurant at Damansara Utama, opposite Damansara Intan, adjacent to Jalan Damansara.

I was delighted to meet up with my other second cousin, Michael Lai and his significant other, Tash. Evidently, Michael is also a diver ...albeit novice... who had extended his invitation to me for a trip this August. Unfortunately, i will be on the way to the Republic of Maldives by then... I would hope, however, to see more of my cousins, diving or not...

Sek Kai, for example will be celebrating his wedding on the 26th of August. I trully wish him and wife all the best... as the old naval saying goes, "may the wind be on your backs"..