Lex Petros: Congratulations, Adrian and Vivian

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Congratulations, Adrian and Vivian

15th October.
Finally, our beloved 'Uncle' Adrian Yeo has tied the proverbial knot. And who a better person than Vivian to be his life-long companion.

I nearly backed out from being his 'Heng Tai'. Then after reflecting on the long friendship I had, and my concern that Adrian would be at the mercy of vicious and merciless 'Chi Mui's', I promptly told Francis that our friend will need reinforcements. "Never give up, never surrender"!!!!

So, after meeting at Adrian's place at about 7am, we went allllll the way to Klang to pick up the bride. There was Thomas, Boon, Francis and I.

I tell ya, negotiations were a killer. First, for the young one to open the car door also must 'tarik harga'. Then, got iron grill some more. Sigh... so how? Drink beer....warm 8am in the morning...bottoms up some more....

Before the gas could clear, must eat wasabe sandwiches... You should have seen Thomas' face...not to mention Boon and Francis who looked like they had red-hot iron rods shoved up their nostrils.... hahahahah....I had escaped that fate. Then, the last punishment at that juncture was to down a nasty concoction of vinegar, chilli and 'god-knows-what', a pleasure given to Francis. All he could say was "OK what?". He he.

But ultimately, once we breached the iron grill, got one more obstacle. The door to the bride's suite. So how? Must tarik harga some more la. This time, managed to get Gibson, the traitor who devised those nasty exercises for us. Had to pump iron and eat a WHOLE banana at the same time...Ha ha ha.

After losing mucho $$, we tried to siege the bridal suite, only managed to nearly kill the 'chi muis'. Only much $$$ flew, we did managed to get into the bridal suite...the correct one that is, seeing there were 8 doors on that floor.

Fun la. Looking forward to Ng Cho Teong and Kelly Lum's wedding coming up next week.


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