Lex Petros: Pennzoil-MAM Autosprint Challenge 2008

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pennzoil-MAM Autosprint Challenge 2008

I'm starting to get the hang of being an MAM (Motorsports Association of Malaysia) steward. I was on duty today at the Shah Alam Stadium Car Park for the Pennzoil-MAM Autosprint Challenge 2008 (PMAC).

I thought of placing an excerp from MAM's website which succintly describes the event:

This event is organised by Wheelspin Event Management and promoted by GSR Motorsports. Event Director & former Malaysian Rally Champion, Mr. Gunaseelan Rajoo (who happens to own/co-own G-Spot bar in Bangsar), commented that the PMAC is just a warm-up to more weekend based, budget friendly, motorsport events planned for 2009. The course is designed to accommodate two competing vehicles running simultaneously and should make exciting viewing for its spectators. Activities for the day start from 9am and ends at 6pm. The presence of Rally, Race, Drift, Classic car, Karting & Pocketbike enthusiasts mean that visitors to the event will be able to mingle with a wide range of Malaysian motorsport personalities who have been brought together by the PMAC.

Since my 'god-brothers', Mickey and Rickey Teoh were driving, it made the day even more worthwhile. Mick was driving his no.21 Toyota MR2 and Rick in his Toyota KE-70 (drift configured)...fortunately or unfortunately, the duo were more affected by the rain than I realised. Mick was overthrottling and spun-out several times. Rick on the other hand didn't know how many rounds around the circuit he was supposed to drive for...nonetheless, both STILL turned out to be podium winners...the Drift god must be looking out for these 2...

A few mishaps occured, but nothing serious. Due to oil slicks on the circuit, a Proton Satri a understeered and smashed its right wheel on a curb, rendering it undrivable as a result of a broken driveshaft whilst for other reasons, Mike Ng in his S-15 had trouble getting the car started again during the 2nd round. Before that, one of our drivers got his car stolen early in the morning and another one had to retire after his drifting KE-70 broke a steering. I was starting the believe that the race was jinx...

The day was hot and wet. But drivers were having fun on the wet-slick circuit after the shower. These days, the weather plays us for fools. Maybe the 'petua' we used was too effective. I was told by the clerk-of-course, Gina that during Malay weddings, the bride and groom would be recommended to fling their foundation garments onto the roof of their house to 'ward off' the rain.

What was planned to be a 5-run event turned out to be only a 3, otherwise, we'd be still stuck there till 8pm or so.


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