Lex Petros: 2 Birthdays, Several Colleagues and A Dozen Donuts! and Cupcakes

Thursday, October 08, 2009

2 Birthdays, Several Colleagues and A Dozen Donuts! and Cupcakes

October 5th, my nutty colleagues took it upon themselves to
celebrate my birthday, which was a day before.

A dozen donuts, a candle and a bunch of nutty colleagues makes the
perfect ingredients to make
an uneventful evening, well...eventful!
Observe the macho indian (Sankar) standing outside my room,
trying not to appear to be indulging but still partakes nevertheless!

No surprise to mine, Yee Boon just has to mutilate something...

Fon Lin, Lan Fang and Juk Chee

Observe Juk Chee with her note pad.
I was having a discussion with her actually when
the rest of my colleagues barged in :)

Jian Min, Tuck Hau and Lip Jeen (our two pupils) and of course, Mr. Tan's belly...:)

Nothing like having some nice bottled tea to wash down those scrumptious donuts...

Fon Lin, Tuck Hau, Kam Thai, Lip Jee (b girl), Jia Min and Juk Chee

October 6th. Lip Jee's birthday celebration.
Different room, different cake(s) but same office crowd
(with the exception of indian who was occupied with boss).
Creative! A dozen cupcakes of sorts this time.
The girls penchant for sweet things really showed this week!

Yee Boon demonstrating the correct way to execute the
one finger salute!

Sweet confectionary but most important, sweet friends!

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Blogger CFC said...

Whoa! Happy Birthday! Kenny's was yesterday.

7:51 AM  

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