Lex Petros: Tron Legacy...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tron Legacy...

Another father-son drama, this time, 22 years after the original Tron, Legacy tells of a tale of Sam Flynn who is very much still haunted by his father (Kevin Flynn)'s disappearance finds himself transported to the same digital realm 20 years ago in which Flynn senior now resides.

Legacy will be in 3-D and I hear it boasts superior sight and perception. The trailers gives me the impression that the movie is too sanitized, but I will hold my reservations till movie day.

I've enjoyed watching a few father-son movies over the years:

Star Wars (Empire and ROTJ). Luke and Anakin Skywalker has etched deeply in popular cult. Good vs evil and the retribution of a man once championing the dark side.

Dennis Quaid and James Caviesel in a temporal phenomenon of a sort enabling father and son to get to know each other when dad had passed on more than a decade ago. Remember the final scene when dad and son finally gets reunited when the timeline is altered. Funny how temporal paradoxes work.
Pursuit of Happyness (deliberately misspelled). If you recall that word on the daycare centre in which Will Smith sends Jayden Smith whilst struggling with poverty and homelessness. Based on a true story, this touching tale of how a father's sacrifice and tireless efforts pays off.
Tron Legacy hits the theaters on December 16. I doubt this will be a tear jerker, but I expect to be awed by the new range of CGI and 3-D technologies.