Lex Petros: The week before CNY

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The week before CNY

The week before the Chinese New Year celebrations for 2011 is really hectic...
Many of us at Citi Malaysiaare scurrying up and down, trying to get loose ends tied and assignments completed before the 'auspicious' season during which, no one would carry the fortitude for work until the traditions, reunions and dinners are over and done with.... which is probably the only time I get to enjoy the traffic or lack thereof...
By the end of this week, the exodus would be reaching the peak... and I hope that people will drive safely to avoid turning a holiday into tragedy....
I am looking forward to reuniting with my friends from far and near, some flying in to be reunited with their family domiciled here...a time for fellowship, renewal of friendship and the joy of seasonal celebrations across the nation...
I sure miss the good ol' days when firecrackers and fireworks were not banned...the times when my friends and I would plague the playgrounds to let off a myriad of pyro-oriented incendiaries...


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