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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One Leaves, One Stays

Our colleagues took Kam Thai (that's me on the left) and Izalia out for dinner the night before.
Venue: Madam Kwan's at the Pavilion.
Both finished their long and arduous pupillage as a necessary
'rite of passage' into the ranks of lawyering.

Whilst Kam Thai harbour dreams of joining the AG's Chambers,
Izalia decides to stick around with us

Lip Jeen (left), a young lass joined us not too long ago.
She works under Fon Lin (right) on a regular basis,
sponging up the knowledge in conveyancing practice

Juk Chee and Christine Chan. Our two youngest lawyers on board.
JC is my right hand in shouldering the banking litigation portfolio.
Christine is also coming of age.
Both of whom I love to throw my weight around on. :)

Lan Fang and Jian Min, the corporate department's dynamic duo.
Where there's one, the other is not too far away.

Ordering food is never an easy task for lawyers...

...thanks to a certain Sankar Supramaniam who'd take
ages to decide on his choice to tickle his fancy.

I have to say it was nice of Tuck Hau to organise this dinner.
He's now the youngest pupil in the firm and is almost certainly seen
dispatched to the library for research every day.

Here we have Fon Lin demonstrating the legendary
chicken wing-in-flight fist!
I think she's camera shy...

Poor straw after Lip Jeen's gnawing prowess. Poor girl probably
to stressed up with her Ethics examinations the next day.

Desert time is always my favourite! It always proves the
theory that "there's always room for desert"!
The banana fritters with ice-cream was
Sankar's choice of a sweet tooth indulge.
Observing the phallic symbols, I couldn't help but to diss him ,
"Where God did not give you in length, he gave you in duplicity"

I personally picked out the Sago Gula Malacca.
Madam Kwan makes them really good.
The sago beads do not clump together
and the coconut milk is so rich.
I knew I was sugar high as I was trying to get Kam Thai to give
his farewell speech, I asked him "Any last words?"
Rephrasing didn't help either especially when it came
out as "What do you have to say for yourself?" I
decided to shut up and enjoy the rest of the
evening with this bunch of psychos!

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