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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Silence Is Golden...

At San Francisco Coffee (Menara Citibank)...Andrew Chong (Treasury), Jen Pink (Legal) and I having a drink talking about Iphones and Jen Pink's last day today with Country Legal. Among the topics...

Andrew, how do create folders on the desktop ?

Andrew: You drag, say a game into Angry Birds. It would automatically create a folder called "Games" and then, just drag the rest of your games in there. I noticed you've got quite a number of apps just a few days.

Jen Pink: Peter got used to the Iphone very fast. Yea, these techie nerds are like that.

Peter: Hey! It's just user friendly, that's all...

(Then I showed them my Tricorder app)

Jen Pink (to Andrew): Yeah, he's probably a member of In the office, you will hear beeps and sounds from his cubicle occasionally... phasers and scanning sounds. He's quite a techie kinda-guy.

Peter: Hello!

(I couldn't figure one thing out on the Iphone, so...)

Peter: Andrew, how do you put the phone on silent mode. Do you do this?

(That's when I flipped the phone the other way around on the coffee table)

Andrew + Jen Pink: ............................

(followed by implacable laughter)

Peter: ???

...after a few minutes when the laughing stopped...

Andrew: For a guy who can figure out stuff so quick, I'm surprised you didn't figure this one out...(then he showed me this little slide switch on the top left corner of the phone)

Peter: *silence*


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