Lex Petros: Getting Killed For Having An Opinion

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Getting Killed For Having An Opinion

Shahbaz Bhatti, a Christian cabinet minister was shot for taking a stance against Pakistan's blasphemy laws. He had prepared to die for his principles against what he perceived as a law which is subject to abuse and purely to protect Islamic authority. The Taliban has claimed responsibility.

What sort of religion would prescribed killing to go to heaven? I guess the Taliban can tell us the answer to that. I am fed up with hearing of persecutions of Christians across the world, especially by the ones who would do it for the sake of their faith. The price to pay for freedom of religion is getting far too much for Christians.

Everything has its place in time. After all, observe the turmoil happening on the Arab nations and the Muslim world. Some say it's the demise of an old regime consisting of dictators, cronies and Islamist fundamentalist, thralled with destruction at the hands of self-fulfilling events. Others will say is the hands of God rebuking the ones who profess everything in the name of god to loot, plunder and murder.

It is foretold that the end is near. Christians must ever be more vigilant and look out for signs of the Second Coming. The rife in the Middle East was prophesied. The uncanny development of events lend so much credence that biblical events are unfolding throughout the world. The weather shifts, the rising seas and even the rise of China and Russia. It is undeniably true.

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