Lex Petros: Ambe and Sana in KL

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ambe and Sana in KL

It took a couple of newly-weds to bring the Maldives to me...when it was just barely a week since I left the paradise place...Ambe' and Sana, whom had been married 2 Thursdays ago in Male'. I was pleasantly suprised to receive a call from Ambe on Thursday, telling me that he and wife had just touchdowned at KLIA...the couple is spending a week in Malaysia for their honeymoon!! A little introduction, Ambe's working for the government on a 6+ year bond. He's the academic director of ABM (Academy Business and Management Training) in Male'...whilst Sana is also working for the government holding a job at the Marine and Fisheries Department in Male'. I had just started recollecting 2 Wednesdays ago when I rode pillion on Ambe's bike, going from house to house, passing out wedding invitation cards...even followed our friend to his tailor to retrieve his new suit...

I met up with them on Friday, to have dinner...after going on a hunt for Bangsar Seafood Village, which we couldn't find (which we thought has ceased business), I was left with little, I took them to 'Muhibbah Seafood Restaurant' ...we ordered...well, I ordered 5 dishes, including chicken cooked in Thai style, sambal calamari with petai and sambal belacan stir friend kangkong...something a little Malaysian for our happy couple...incidentally, this trip is Sana's first to Malaysia...later, we adjourned to my apartment for tea and my mum's hospitality...We hooked up again on mum had promised Ambe and Sana to bring Sana to a chinese sinsei to look at her ear pains...

Later, the 3 of decided to do a movie, 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend', an Ivan Reitman direction....which I'm sure Aindhy would be familiar with... after the censorship board's going-thru the reel, there was nothing much to rave, the acting and humour was dead..much like the fish I consumed in the Maldives...I thought Luke Wilson and Uma Thurman were a bad paired choice...I mean...who did the casting anyway??

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Blogger Asther said...

Wah... dat bad ar the show. Uncle & myself bought 12 DVDs yesterday! Hehehe... I'll be "lepaking" for the remaining month after my LAST exam this afternonn! Going diving also...

By the way... might need to borrow your camera for my Mabul trip end this month. Hehehe... Hope you can spare it...

10:42 AM  
Blogger aindhy said...

HEYYyyyy... heh heh heh... looks like they're having fun... forget the movie (Super-ex) guys and enjoy the other movies and the great stuff that KL has to offer... got the perfect guide in Pete...

Pete you're right, Uma and a Wilson brother - No match...

Uma and Aindhy on the other hand... MATCH. MADE. IN. HEAVEN.

6:33 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Asther, you know I have no problems lending my camera to you...for I know you will put it to good use, more often than I can... so, yeah...go ahead....

9:57 PM  
Blogger Peter said...

Aindhy, we gotta get you to KL soon...the only other worthy movie critique I know who won't let me down is you! Miss the times when we would review the movies listed before they are screened...need to have a buddy like that...been some time now since I actually took any serious effort with the movies these days... by the way, I'm kinda wonder what happened to Reitman in this direction...

10:01 PM  
Blogger Asther said...

TQ TQ yah! Hehehe... When u coming over again? Mum came recently & made some yummy cheese cake. I'm saving some for u!

3:59 PM  
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