Lex Petros: Aindhy's Short Visit To KL

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Aindhy's Short Visit To KL

There are times in the year when I relish to be basking under the sun and swimming in the blue waters of the Maldives. These thoughts are inevitable when the "island boy" comes for a visit. My good friend was down here last week.

Aindhy took a bus with his wife from Singapore. The couple were there several days before the trip up to KL. I remember in May 2006 when Aindhy bunked at my place for a couple of weeks. Those were such a good times we had. Both of us are movie aficionados. Just can't avoid going to catch the latest blockbuster during summer releases.

We met up at Chilli's, One Utama. Nuzha (Mrs. Aindhy) and Razia Namazie were add more fun Coincidentally, May 26th was Aindhy's birthday. That spells necessary pranking the birthday boy with Chilli's' customary birthday cheers and having the birthday boy upstanding on a chair with a bottle of ketchup for a mic. Ha ha. Despite receiving advance warnings not to invoke the ritual, I did it anyway. To make matters worse, I grabbed the ceiling light and faced it on birthday boy's face. Not that he was not getting enough attention already. But that's the advantages of having darker skin tones. You can't see the blush! Ha ha ha.

Sorry mah buddy! For ol times' sake.

For old times' sake also, we had to do a movie together for the first time in a WI-MAX theatre at Berjaya Times Square. Terminator Salvation. I've already reviewed this movie in several postings away, but bottom line: could be better. This trip was too short as our friend had to leave on Friday. We briefly discussed having an extended vacation together in the near future.

So long Island Boy. Till next time.

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