Lex Petros: My New "Old" Ride

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My New "Old" Ride

The deal came through just days ago. My good friend David Lai finally parted with her after the loan documentation and the transfer forms were signed.
The Audi A4 B5, 1.8 litres, turbo-charged! Power on demand with a demeanor of a compact executive! I can't believe I'm in possession of it right now. During my early days of practice, the dream of driving the car with the "4-rings" began to spawn. I've always seen myself in this car. Just something so right about it.

It's a well thought of car. Probably over-engineered, just like the Mercedes Benz W124 generation.

A little wobbly at first, but nothing more than replacing the shock absorbers and tires and completed with a indispensable wheel alignment and balancing. She ploughs through the freeways now. The ride is a tad bit bumpy; can't help it with the 215/40/18 profile, but she's much stiffer now after implementing the pair of Eibach Prokit springs in the front. Then again, nothing unusual to me since my Proton Waja had a similar feel. I kinda like a stiffer ride somehow. It's a more planted feel on the road, especially as she roars through corners effortlessly.

A few things about this automotive marvel in the 90's which really tickled my fancy:-

  • The center console comes with an ergonomically placed and adjustable armrest, making driving a pleasure when I can rest my left arm firmly on the plush leather.
  • Leather seats!
  • The delivery of power thanks to the light-pressured turbine is useful for getting out of tight situations or beating the lights before they turn!
  • It doesn't guzzle fuel. I get about 420 kilos on a full tank (before reaching the reserve tank) and roughly about 18 cents to a kilometer on RON 95 gas!
  • The ride is silent and comfortable, even for a 2001 manufactured car!
  • The multi-display in the dash at a glance tells you the fundamental readings like fuel/100km, engine temp and oil temp. Not to mention the volt meter which most cars I've driven lacks.
  • It's a 5-speed automatic transmission which shifts quite seamlessly. The fuzzy logic systems ensure that descends are controlled and acceleration comes in a jiffy!
  • The adaptive or variable sensitivity steering instill confidence in any driving condition or speeds.
  • The climate control air-conditioning is remarkably adaptive and keeps the cabin cool enough for me in this hot and humid country
  • The 90's look of the exterior and interior of the car. Never loses it's appeal.

The Audi is in between the choices of cars which I had in my mind. I was torn between a used 2.0 litre car Japanese car for a little bit more kick whilst running it on a budget and newer continental cars which are renowned for their safety and handling but costs significantly more. Looks like this one came in between. I am contented!

The car is going in for a full check-up on Saturday. Lest I am a bum, I will continue the efforts David expanded to maintain the Audi to make sure she's in tip-top condition!


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