Lex Petros: Eyptian Military Standing Aside in Ensuing Gunfire

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Eyptian Military Standing Aside in Ensuing Gunfire

After 9 days of demonstration, "peaceful" has broken its streak.

Despite the president's assurance that he would not be running in the September elections and pledged his commitment to bring stability and security back to the embattled country, pro-Mubarak and pro-democracy supporters set against each other still. Last I heard, 6 people have died with more than 700 injured. Fundamentalist and leftist quarters are seeking to exert their own leverage.

The day this Muslim state becomes free of Hosni Mubarak's rule may be a harbinger to a new sort of totalitarian regime. ElBaradei seems to be the best bet. But the rest will not see to him coming to power. Available candidates but different ideologies about the rule of law. Interesting dilemma. Again, I emphasis, the problem with annexing religion into law.

The military is not doing anything to quell the violence. Throngs of gunfire and small arms discharge ring near Tahrir Square. With social networking and emails cut off, news is slowly reaching the rest of the world.

Whilst China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other Chinese states celebrate the new lunar new year round the world with fireworks and firecrackers, the intimidating sound of weapons discharge echoed in the streets in Cairo. Food and rations are still in place and I can only imagine the fear and stress levels subduing the local economy and social psyche of the Egyptians right now.

The US is of course worried about the unrest in its bigger Middle Eastern ally. The Obama administration despite expressing its concern is not going to interfere. Troops can be deployed but only as a humanitarian aid, or would this change soon? The 'international police 'is toothless in light of a civil unrest rather than an elemental concern to its security.

So, the White House now can only 'condemn street violence' whist speculating what Hosni Mubarak's inner circle is discussing to meet protester demands.

Jurisprudential-wise, the old government is facing a coup on multiple throngs and the winner or elected successor will form the de facto head of state, assuming the former is deposed. Still, the extreme range of secularism and fundamentalism might prove to be difficult to produce a favorable outcome beneficial to the masses.


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