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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Change Must Happen Now

Tahrir Square was unfazed by Mubarak's promise to step down in September for an elected successor. The Arab nation is demanding for the man's immediate relinquishing of power. I must admit being in admiration of the protesters who has proven their conviction to bring an end to a 3-decade long dictatorship. The last 8 days is a visceral reminder of many iron-fist governments who were overthrown or ousted.

The divide of religion is bridged, albeit temporarily for the sake of their homeland. With the peaking of civil upheaval, the bombing of a Coptic church in Alexandria 2 months ago seems to be a thing of the past in light of more pertinent concerns.

In looking prospectively, the sectarian Muslim Brotherhood is aware of the negative connotations surrounding Islamist branding and hopes to rally Nobel laureate and opposition ElBaradei in an attempt to connect with the secular aspects of politics and governance. I opined in the last posting that laws should always be secular and not religious. Fundamentalism and all the nonsense about strife and spiritual warfare should be left out of governance of man.

Yet, the question remains, who will lead Egypt after the old regime has passed on? Some say it's going to be the military and not ElBaradei or any of the opposition groups.

Some say the military may be the best bet to nudge Mubarak out of power. Such as the bloodless coup in Thailand years ago resulting in Sinawatra's 'exile'. The Egyptian military has become the seat of power over the years and who knows what they will do if the present administration collapses.

But militarise might can be unpredictable and once someone has savored the taste of power, they may not want to give it up themselves. Look at Myanmar and the military junta. Look at Iraq during Saddam Hussein. Look at France during Napoleon Bonaparte.

In biblical context, God instituted human government (Romans 14 and Proverbs 8). Christ himself recognizes human government (
Matthew 22, 26, 27 and John 19). Their function: administration of justice, protector of social welfare and upholding the law. A system of law in place with one proviso, any human government is answerable to God (Psalms 2, Romans 13, Revelations 17-20).

In blatant disregard of this charter, many have defied and distorted the truth, putting themselves as the arbiter on God's behalf and performing acts in the name of God and taking arms to fight a holy war. Again, which is why laws are supposed to be secular.

The outcome of this political quagmire depends on whether governments to be will continue branding government with religious undertones. The moment man stops to play mini prophets and just submit, only then peace will come. If not, the Arab nations and any sovereignty after the Byzantine realm will continue to suffer under God's hands.


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