Lex Petros: Mum's Fender Bender This Morning

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mum's Fender Bender This Morning

Mum has always lead by example. In her 40 years of driving, she's never had any major car accidents. The one time she got into one, she had to get 3 cars involved! My mum rarely calls me in the morning and when I saw her name on my cellphone, I knew something had happened on her way to work. Sheepishly, mum said "Son, I just got into a car accident. My foot 'slipped' onto the accelerator and I hit two cars in front"...TWO! It's amazing what mothers can do to live up to the proverbial two birds and a stone! It happened at the intersection between Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

When I got there, I marched straight to her and the expected 'company', just before I nearly got hit by oncoming cars when I alighted. To no surprise, she was having light moments with them already! The conversation really took the cake when she asked the Chevy's driver's son whether he scuba dives and would like to join me in my next trip! Wow! Make friends and make claims at the same time! That's my mum...

Apparently while trying to work the brakes, her foot 'slipped' onto the gas and she hit a Chevy Optra and a Proton Satria Neo, both at once! Physics in play, the Chevy was pushed forward and hit a taxi cab! So, it turned out to be three birds with one stone. Good job mum. I would be proud if this was aDemolition Derby! He he.

The Satria wasn't damaged too bad. The taxi, I never saw. He had driven off prior to that. The Chevy's bumper was split into two with dents in the trunk lid. So, after discussions, we decided that it was best to settle the damage with the Satria (afterwhich, we followed him to a workshop nearby to get a quote) and lodge a police for insurance claims. So, we went to the police station to do the needful. The taxi cab driver was there before us. Even there, she was trying to humour the sargeant and the corporals. I was beginning to wonder if there were any limits to her friendliness. Good thing though, it helped with getting out the report quicker than usual.

Well, after the whole affair, I led my mum out of town and on the way back home. I managed to get into the office just after 12 noon and all charged up after an eventful morning.

So, now the car is in the workshop which means for the next 2-3 weeks, I am given the privilege to be mum's driver.

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