Lex Petros: Second Hectic Day!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Second Hectic Day!

Chinese New Year celebration for me is nowadays a culmination of social meets and catching up...

I had breakfast with Siu whom I've not seen in a while. Soon after, fellow lawyer, Greg Ling smsed for coffee w at Starbucks, Tropicana City Mall. Amanda, his significant half (also a lawyer). After coffee, we decided to check out the latest Iphone accessories and the best place for that at TC Mall is Mybites.

No sooner after we started to look around, Ning Shin (my ex-colleague at Khaw & Partners whose back from Hong Kong for CNY) called telling me she's visiting my place, for which I had to rush off. Fortunately, my condo is 4 minutes away, foot speed.

When I home, Ning Shin came over not much later and my mum then tells me her friend and daughter were coming over! ... Aunty Ai Gim and Candy ...

After all that, only then I managed to slip out to join James, Olivia, Kevin and gang for drinks and karaoke at The Curve. They had started out at the Redbox for a couple of hours before I joined. After a short stay (for me at least), we adjourned to Malones (Irish Pub opposite Ying Ker Lou Chinese Restaurant) for some German sausages and mashed potatoes, cod with muscles and drinks. Oli has an Audi A4 (B8) whom she has given my rights of first refusal if she decides to sell...except now she tells me the air conditioning releases a funny smell; apparently this was recently discussed in the relevant Audi forums... *grin...I see an opportunity to wrangle her for a lower price!!

That's us at Malones:

Nick, me, James Khong, Olivia Loh, Kevin Wong and another James (Nick's cousin)

More visiting later today... There's my father's aunt and a few more friends of mine I haven't gone to visit. On Sunday there's my colleague's open house (lion dance included) and a small get together at my old friend's place in SS5. I had meant to recharge during the holiday season, but it looks like it will have to wait for next weekend.

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