Lex Petros: Diving Tioman 2009 (Part 1)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Diving Tioman 2009 (Part 1)

It's really hard to imagine that a self-professed underwater-breathing addict like me don't get out to dive much. Last dive recorded was in May 2008. So, when the opportunity came this year, I decided to take it! Francis had organized a dive to Tioman, although he decided to go to Pulau Perhentian. So, Yee Boon and I took over the organization and decided to pull our colleagues too! Izalia (boss' pupil), Lan Fang, Juk Chee and Christine.

The events of June 12th, Friday nite and June 13th, Saturday...

It's important to have a ride-in movie on the way to Mersing, so says Yee Boon. Benefits of having a DVD player in his wife's Toyota Harrier
(and by the way, I drove to and fro...enjoyed every moment of it...very nice ride)

We reached Mersing in the nick of time and got our tickets at the jetty. Ferry leaves at 2.00am!
You can see half of us bearly able to keep our eyes open.
We reached Kg. Salang (the north most part of Tioman Island) at about 4.30am. Thanks to Raja Raziz (dive instructor and my friend), our rooms were all waiting for us

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day (of course, Yee Boon had to have 2 rounds)

And after breakfast, they had to get a signal on their phones. Only a specific spot in front of Salang Beach Restaurant had any signal. Guys and girls who can't live without their cell phones

First order of things, shore dive! Good way to warm up.
The return of 'Hawkman' aka Tan Yee Boon and his trusty side-kick.
We set out to look for the Salang wreck, ended up getting lost and had to be contended with the house reef.
I found out later I decended along the wrong buoy marker.

The amazing 'Hawkman'.
Strengths: experienced in underwater combat and a formidable grenadier.
Weaknesses: Ocassional difficulty in equalizing due to small nose and flat face.

Hawksbill turtle.
Distant relative of Hawkman.

Hawkman just cannot help leaving a wake of destruction.
See the poor ant.
Must have been a victim of reckless wetsuit handling and being under all that
bulk must have been very painful last moments

Anemonae fish. Nemo's relation.

'Bumphead' Parrot fish.

Izalia, Christine and Lan Fang donning snorkelling gear for this year's swimsuit
edition of "K&P Chronicles"

Hawkman and the girls trying to bury me.

After lunch, we took to MV Diveasia 3 for a dive detail at" Seafan Garden" and "Malang Rock" at Pulau Tulai
just a stone throw from Tioman
(from left: me, Izalia, Lan Fang, Christine and Juk Chee)

Very important pre-dive chatter.

Suit up and ready to go!

Cuttlefish. Juvenile one.
Didn't even flinch until Hawkman came along. Nice!

Trust Hawkman to find a friend under 70 feet of water!

These lifeforms resemble alitter of puppies crying out for mother's milk

Understand now why they call this dive site "Seafan Garden"?

A cross between a sea cucumber and a hibiscus flower *joke
Soft corals resembling a bunch of kiwifruit!

Cleverly-disguised Stone fish.
Try spotting its eyes. Can you tell that I could be lying and it's really a rock? He he.

Ben, our divemaster guide and ...

Richard, another divemaster who tagged along. He's speciality: making bubble rings.

End of dive # 2....

and straight on to Malang Rock to get some surface time.
So, the next best thing to do is to go for a dip!

Izalia and Christine snorkelling at Malang Rock.

Hawkman and his two mermaids.

Part 2 tomorrow: Dive #3, dinner at Salang Dreams Restaurant and our journey back to KL!

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