Lex Petros: As If Things Were Not Bad Enough...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

As If Things Were Not Bad Enough...

workers in vital industries and professionals alike have taken to the streets and protesting their causes in the midst of the political and social-economical turmoil in Egypt. An undesired (for the current Government at least) new pressure mounting.
My question is how are they going to get themselves heard. After all, a new government is a more pressing concern than wages and labour welfare under the circumstances.
I cannot begin to imagine the paralysis. A complete breakdown of civil order, a grinding halt to the banking industry and total chaos displacing peace and order. I sympathise with the rest of the civilians keeping themselves cocooned inside their homes and whatever shelters they can find against the mob, escaped criminals, police and the military.
Journalists and field correspondents are not spared. Just a few days ago, journalists, foreign no doubt, found themselves fighting for their lives emerging battered with bruises, lacerations and broken bones. They live to tell the tale.

Lawyers, professionals and workmen marched to the palace. Fazed by the tight guard of the army, they valiantly marched to Tahrir Square in the 17th day of the protests, joining a host of civilians and political rallies calling for the immediate departure of President Hosni Mubarak. The embattled government is not going to be able to do much about their plight. Restoring order and stability if at all will top of the list, or perhaps the fight for survival.

Then, there's the spotlight on Wael Gnonim, widely credited for the protests which began on January 25th has come back to his home soil after resigning from Google, pledging his life for his country and leaving his estate to his wife. He is definitely a face to be hero-worshipped and an inspiration to the band of protesters. This uplift of spirits will be hard to quell.

The octogenarian premier is refusing to step down, lest (allegedly) the military will take over to enforce marshall law. The military is standing on the sidelines, who may become the show stopper and an intervener in this nationwide chaos. The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Ahmed Aboul Gheit has for one demonstrated the recognition of such a concern.
Rumour has it that the Egyptian military is secretly detaining thousands of civilians and political opponents and employing torture.

The Muslims had encircled the Christians during the mass a few days ago, held for the slain ones and for the cause. At least, in that far away land in the middle east, both Kitaabians are unified, unfazed by their prejudice toward each other in these revolutionary times, unlike the petty hypocrites in this supposedly tolerant soil, directing the taking down of crucifixes and banning Christian prayers and religious songs during an official visit from the prime minister to the archbishop's abode last Christmas.

Saudi Arabia's government has told USA to bug off and not force swift change to Egypt. King Abdullah apparently told Obama not to "humiliate" Mubarak and warned that he would step in to bankroll Cairo if US were to cut off its aids worth USD1.5million annually. Riyadh sources says the Kingdom will be Washington's only ally in the Arab world and the Saudis want US to keep that in mind. I am not surprised. But then again, Saudi is hinging on the "overrated" oil reserves which was recently reported to last only a mere 15 years unless new technologies are employed to mine oil in deeper waters. One black oil is gone, so will the Kingdom.


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