Lex Petros: November 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Simpsons: The Movie

Ever wondered what Homer Simpson's definition of "stuck between a rock and a hard place" would be? Check out the trailer (click here for the link)...this is hilarious... can't wait for the most dysfunctional family in the world to appear on the silver screen...

Check out the Official Site at

Coming soon, 27.7.2007

Monday, November 27, 2006

Transformers The Movie

T h r e e t h i n g s :
1. A Michael Bay Film
2. Autobots & Decepticons
3. Till All Are One - 7.4.2007

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Christmas Cantata

Youre invited!
When: Saturday, 16 Dec 2006
Time : 8:00pm
Where: Calvary Jaya B-P Fellowship 7 Jalan 17/1, 46400 Petaling Jaya Tel: (+603) 7958 2185, URL:

My Dear Friends, my church will showcase a cantata, which will be performed by our mother will be raising her voice in this event...if you have the time, please do come...celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ...
Calvary Jaya B-P Fellowship Choir invites you to a cantata of gospel hymns and songs, to proclaim the good news of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The choir’s presentation is a composition of vocal solos, hymns and chorus with short narration of the theme, ‘Love, Joy, Hope’. The selection of the theme was stirred and convicted by our love of God, who sent His only begotten Son to die for us sinners, so that we who believe in Him shall have everlasting life. What a joy and blessed hope that God’s salvation is given so richly and freely for you and me! Christ will soon return for His bride, the Church. Jesus is the greatest friend we know.
Words cannot
describe His goodness, grace, mercy and love for this troubled world. The Word of God in this series of gospel songs and hymns are taken from the 18th Century, written by fervent and faithful servants such as Frances R. Havergal (1836-1879) and Fanny Crosby (1820-1915) who have committed their lives fully to the Lord. Thank God for His faithful servants and preservation of these valuable hymns till today. May the message of this cantata be the greatest gift for this Christmas and that you may come to know Him personally. God bless you and keep you. Amen.

Friday, November 24, 2006

This is one cool gun which caught my eye when I visited Beretta's website. The PX4 Storm, Beretta's new law enforcement semi-auto handgun...both in 9mm/.40 S&W .

What I like about it is the interchangeable grip pads, ambidextrous slide catch and magazine releases and the compact-design of this piece...although, since the barrel is only 4" long, don't know about its accuracy, but I reckon it could match up to a Glock 19 (pictured below) for that matter, being in the same category of compact law enforcement semi-autos.

Check it out at the PX4's official website (click here) for more details.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Casino Royale

"This may be too much for a blunt instrument", one of M's most memorable lines gave me an enlightening cause to speculate the genre of this Bond flick...the beginning of 007, the 'diamond in the rough' in the mold of MI-6...that's why this instalment seems like such a estounding departure from your classic suave and romantic personae of that world known fictional British secret agent, James Bond (played by Daniel Craig)...

I must agree with Yee Boon when he says this was bad...lacklustre rendition of 007 has much to be desired...too many stunts, too many corny lines (especially Bond's witty pick-up lines), not too mention, the greatest departure from Bond's 'vodka martini, shaken, not stirred'...there was a scene where he was asked and he responded "Does it look like I give a damn?"?? WHAT?? That's not even British...Man...this does not following the previous instalments. A significant departure from the Bond we know, despite the fact that this movie seeks to portray the beginnings of the secret agent spy...

This must be a Bond movie with the most short-lived debut of his car, the too-brief appearance of Bond's DBS which ended up in a riduculous and violent end...seems that all his cars are not built to last till the next Bond hidden rocket launchers this time, just a concealed defibrilator...which doesn't even work properly *grin*...

And the 2 bond girls- Solange (played by Caterina Murino), consort of Alex Dimitrios (just one of MI-6's known associate to Le Chiffre) whom didn't even survive the movie before a screw with Bond...and, Vesper Lynd (played by Eva Green, well, strongheaded and sardonic...not my type of girl, but certainly has character...Bond's love interest in this movie, plenty of 'hard-to-get' at frist, but succumbs to Bond's charms...naturally...and predictably...
Of course, you would expect to see Bond taking on a dozen men with automatic assault rifles against his semi-auto pistol, and still survives... very much like a typical Hong Kong police-hero movie genre...

And there's Le Ciffre (played by Mads Mikellsen), banker and accountant to the world's terrorist organisation, playing a high stakes game with their cash, putting them in stocks which are bound to plunge, only to artificially (and by very unlawful means, I might add), push them up, to make a profit...thanks to Bond, Le Ciffre was nearly Nigerian terrorists' meat...

One thing's for sure...M (played by Dame Judi Dench) is the only character in the movie which made any sense...nearly gave out what her 'M' stands for...hopefully, will be revealed in the next movie...
Then of course, like the movie's name sake, the scene from Casino Royale in Montenegro (formerly Serbia and Montenegro, as Sankar pointed out) a high stakes game of Hold Em' Up Poker, 10million to play and 5 million to buy-in, should you lose the first 10million...the only way (apparently) Bond could infiltrate Le Ciffre's plans. You should watch the turn of events, Bond poisoned, fist fight and all...

Not so orignal entertainment and definitely lacks the suave attributes of the secret agent...I'd give it a 6/10 for effort, at least...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Forged Credentials Or Forged Life?

I was spending a little time on this Sunday afternoon catching up with the news and daily happenings...

Then, an article on theStar Online titled "Forged Up-Grade" (published on Nov 19, 2006), concerning students forging certificates and grades caught my attention...damn...Related stories: "Forged Certificates For A Fee" and "Private colleges have ways to detect forgeries" (also all published on Nov 19, 2006)...hmm.... when you have 3 articles published on the same day on the same subject, it's indicative that the situation may be more pressing than meets the eye!! I hope the Education Ministry and the local government agencies are gonna look into this...

Best of all, the 1st and 2nd article featured a couple of anonymous shops in Bandar Sunway who facilitate such fabrication for a price, between RM30-50 for simple 'changes' and up to RM1000.00 for embossing logos, forging watermarks and the security features on the authentic certificate or credential paper.

Imagine that...job applicants armed with fake credits going about, deceiving employers to be, or potentially other learning and education insitutions for higher studies...what's the world coming to? As it is, paper leaks, examination nullifications are incredulous, now, post-curriculum fraud?

If ya can't hack it, leave!!! ...don't bother entering the work force where people of genuine intentions and deserving credentials are out of your league...don't spoil the market and create uncertainty, minded caution and red-tape for the extra measures required for verification purposes... I do hope not to see anyone doing this in front of me, or else, I reckon I'd have no qualms of decking the bloke...

Forgery of documents is an offence punishable by jail time... another mechanism to ensure that these fraudsters do not come out and start deceiving all over again...once tainted, always, law enforcers, keep your guard high and be astute to detect fake people with... worse, fake lives!!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


One cool pick-up! I had the chance to rev-her-up when Asther got hers (2nd picture, same colour scheme too!!)...well, actually, she was still in Kuching at the time, last month, but Francis (Asther's darling) was so kind as to take delivery of the L200 for her and got her sound systems upgraded! MP3 Alpine console, 8' sub-woofer (built in amp), 4 channel amp, 6X9 speakers...the works!!!

One day, Mike, Francis and I had a ball of a time blasting early
80's and 90's hits in the pick -up... got Rick Astley, 2 Unlimited, Tommy Page, Metallica, Axel F, Genesis!! (if ya can believe it)...damn...those were the days.

Now, a little introduction to the L200:-

Mitsubishi L200 - was originally the import version of the Mitsubishi Forte, which was discontinued in the Japenese market, the L200 name took the Forte's place in 1987. Meanwhile, it was meant to the debut of the 2nd generation.

The L200 was sold in the US as the Mitsubishi Mighty Max, which was eventually replaced by the Mitsubishi Raider for 2006.

The 3rd generation was the first model which built in Thailand, not Japan. The redesign progressions were run again for the 2005 model year. The vehicle is also built in Thailand, but to create a race vehicle first. Called Mitsubishi RTE (RTE stands for Racing Truck Evolution.

But in 2006, it was renamed to Racing Triton Evolution) (top picture, above). Till mid-2005, the production models have been completed. Known in Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand as the Mitsubishi Triton. Triton is the first 3200 cc diesel pickup in its class, and so of Thai truck market.

Oh, by the way,the L200 was one of 2 Mitsubishi vehicles which bagged the top takers in the Autocar ASEAN Car of the Year Awards in October 2006, just last month...the other was no other than the Lancer Evolution IX... Two other Mitsubishi vehicles, the Outlander SUV and the Grandis MPV, were finalists in the Mid-Size SUV and Large MPV categories respectively...

Visit Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (click here)...for the full range...

Next Movie Review...Coming soon...

Can You Guess?


When I first laid eyes on this electroshock gun (click here), I thought to myself...WOW...this is cool!!

Reminds me of something taken right out of Star Trek...*grin*
Right now, I keep a tube of pepper spray in my car...just in case, but having one of these would blow my mind...just look at the conceallable, sleek and sophisticated looking, what I'd call a 'personal space invasion denial weapon' fact, I think the word 'weapon' is a misnomer in this context...more like a 'personal defensive device'...

The TASER X26 (pictured on the right) was first highlighted by local daily (click here) the Star in January this year. Then, our Special Operations Force (UTK) were deployed with the TASER X26. Read more about TASERS on the official website (click here).
Nevertheless, it is my opinion that our Malaysian law enforcement agencies should acquire the 'big brother' version of the X26...the ADVANCED TASER® M26 (pictured on top), which employs an 18 to 26 watt electrical signal to completely override the central nervous system and directly control the skeletal muscles. This effect causes an uncontrollable contraction of the muscle tissue, allowing the M-Series to physically debilitate a target regardless of pain tolerance or mental focus. The ADVANCED TASER® M-Series are specifically designed to stop even the most elite, aggressive, focused combatants. Rather than simply interfering with communication between the brain and muscles, the ADVANCED TASER® systems directly tell the muscles what to do: contract until the the body is in a FETAL position. I must say that this would be more effective than simply causing a frenzy with the body's muscles...controlled distruption of all voluntary muscle groups...that's the way...

Obvious variable applications would be augmenting the ADVANCED TASER® M-Series to be mounted on assault rifles and submachine guns, for those close encounters, yet when lethal force is not required. You know the phrase "take him alive", well, definitely achievable now when you don't have to pull the trigger of a ballistic weapon.

In 2003, TASER International introduced the new TASER X26 (loos similar, if not identical with the old one, pictured above) with Shaped Pulse™ Technology. The TASER X26 offers even greater stopping capability than the ADVANCED TASER M26. Able to penetrate Type III body armor...damn...

Still, pity these defensive options are only marketable to civilians legally in most parts of the US, inter alia.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

EGM of the Malaysian Bar

There you have it! The 'no confidence' motion* of fellow advocate & solicitor, Dato' M.S. Murthi defeated by an overwhelming majority. It was reported on the Malaysian Bar website that, "2,496 members turned up for the EGM even though the required quorum was 500. When the vote was taken at about 7.00pm, 1,042 voted against the motion and 182 for it, with 57 abstentions."

*inter alia, that the members of the Malaysian Bar have no confidence in the Office Bearers of the current Bar continue to lead, represent the interest and manage the affairs of the Malaysian Bar and for their misconduct in actively working against the interest of the members of the Malaysian Bar with regard to 2006 amendments to the Legal Profession Act, 1976

I was surprised that there were still dissidents voting for the motion. Not even sure if they knew what they were voting for, but then again, democracy in motion at the very least.

For me, apart from a duty which I consider solemn to ensure that the 'no confidence' motion does not go through (for reasons known to me), I really enjoyed the debates in the floor. Among the highlights were Ranjit Singh's describing Murthi's speech as "incredulous" and Chew Swee Yoke's adoption of Forrest Gump's "Stupid as Stupid Does" really cracked me up. But I was impressed with Dato' VC George (former High Court judge) gravitas; he properly summed up what was in my mind, a very apt analogy; that the Council should not be made to be 'crawling on our bellies' when the Council was dealing with the de facto Minister of Justice and the AG, when he referred to the motion by Murthi and accusations by various Members of the floor of the Council's alleged nonchalance of not doing enough to delay the enforcement of the amendments to the LPA 1976... Not to mention Karpal Singh's appearance at the EGM after taking time off from Parliament to make his say...that...I gotta respect...something to think about: judicial review might be gone, but due process is present in alternatives... basically, question beckons : DO YOU TRUST A TRIBUNAL OR DO YOU TRUST THE COURTS?

All said and done, I thing Yeo Yang Poh (Chairman of the Bar Council) did manage to control and manage this EGM slightly better than the last EGM held on 18th of August 2006. Granted... the motion was debated upon for 3 hours , but at the end of the day, I observed a 'swifter strike' of the Chairman's ' sword' during this meeting.

Still, too many points of order and various accusations raised, leading to more defences and more response warranted, something we can do about for the AGM to take place not too far away. Proper 'housekeeping' is much desired, I think.

All I can say it that we belong to an institution governing us lawyers, borne out of statute, by Parliament, the very body which can take away that right in an, unite we must, but tempt the lioness, we shan't..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This is infuriating...can't seem to get anything interesting to write on the last couple of weeks...

I'm certain my avid and not so avid readers have noticed the sudden hiatus in my blogging habits...

I guess it's one of them days...just ain't getting enough material...or inspiration...

Well, work is picking up and I can safely say that I am going insane's occupational hazard, if you will.

But I feel rather satisfied today for being able to help out a friend in need...sometimes, being a lawyer really pays off...I remember the times when they used to jeer at my ambition to venture into practice....couldn't blame them cuz I really used to be a real queit one...I'm glad the prevailing conditions of practice has given me a different perspective of life and everyone around me...

So, as the saying goes...all well that ends well...(except, the end is not yet nigh)...

Rest assured that I will come back soon with more ...just need some inspiration...maybe someone out there will inspire me...

Monday, November 13, 2006

Paintings in my mind...only paintings....

Picture this
you and me walking down a white sand beach
We're holding hands the warm winds blow
we're all alone
All these dreams are fantasies, they're not real, not reality
And now I cry over you, nearly die over you
and all the bits and pieces of us that I try to find
are only paintings in my mind

Faded memories of another place and time
We were happy as can be, you were loving me
And now it's just an image that I find
like the paintings in my mind

When you left I fell apart
I was torn you broke my heart
And now I cry over you, nearly die over you
and all the bits and pieces of us that I try to find
exists as paintings in my mind

Faded memories of another place and time
We were happy as can be, you were loving me
And now it's just an image that I find
like the paintings in my mind

Impressions of the way it was long ago
somewhere back in time
are only paintings in my mind

Faded memories of another place and time
We were happy as can be, you were loving me
And now it's just an image that I find
like the paintings in my mind

Paintings in my mind
Faded memories of another place and time
We were happy as can be, you were loving me
And now it's just an image that I find
like the paintings in my mind

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Departed - Outcome

Spoiler Warning: This posting may contain plot spoilers and plot endings
undesirable to be known. Proceed on your own accord.

Well, this re-hatch of Internal Affairs (Hong Kong smash in 2002) centainly got this blogger's attention. The film started out real slow and not surprisingly, a decent late-bloomer. Basically, 2 cops (Bill Constigan - Di Caprio and Collin Sullivan -Damon) on 'opposite sides' of the law enter into a web of deception, lies and cover up... When I say 'opposite sides', I'm using the words very relative to the characterisation of a good cop - bad cop dichotomy.

Damon, who plays Det. Sullivan (an up and coming state police detective in Boston's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) ) portrays a 'goody-two-shoe' cop who was at a tender age, cared and almost fostered by Nicholson, who plays an Irish Mafia boss in Boston, Frank apt sounding. On the other side of the spectrum, Di Caprio, who plays another cop, much less fortunate than Sullivan, being called in to go deep undercover in Costello's nest...

Sullivan whose squeky -clean image earns him much respect and hardly anyone's suspect of a rat in the police... and for years, Oliver Queenan (play by Martin Sheen), flanked by the really blunt Sergeat Dignam (played by Mark Wahlberg), the chief who's been waiting to put Costello away thought he had a break when Costigan agreed to be the undercover option...all at the expense of this life...all this, while Sullivan tipped off Costello everytime a raid was imminent....with Queenan's death, Sullivan has no choice but to be dealt with the bitter hand of fate to liberate the truth and to' rat out' the 'rat'...

In between, there's Lt. Ellerby (played by Alec Baldwin), a loud-mouth detective who thinks he knows it all and thinks he's Mr. Go-getter...I was surprised nobody shot him in the movie...clearly, he's not been in the know from the beginning...
A good twist in the movie was Dr. Madolyn (played by Vera Farmiga) who was Sullivan's girl and a professional shrink and had a side distraction with Costigan (which ultimately was the harbinger of the exposure of the whole enchilada)...I reckon she's trumps the both of them in terms of whose the better deceptor...second to only Costello who reveals at the end that he was in touch with the FBI even during his stint of crime and debauchery...the proverbial 'bigger picture' in the scheme of things... I suppose this is the movie's 'gravitas', but a little inconsistent with his character...I think, as the movie started out with Costello's monologue (you must watch it to hear it)...

If you'd pay attention, you would realise in the end, Costello's quoting "When I was your age they used to say you could become cops or criminals. What I'm saying to you is this... When your facing a loaded gun, what's the difference? " is remarkably apt...

Still, remains of the day...the plot was not something new...this was after all a re-hatch...moreover, there is nothing novel about two-face games which people indulge in these days, remarkably with 2 or 3 sides...

You must catch the will not believe who would be the ultimate equaliser to the whole charade...

I'd give this flick a 8/10...considering this one was not the an original storyline...attempt to re-hatch was definitely commendable.

Check it out...