Lex Petros: April 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008


If you really wanted to drive fast and well but can’t be bothered to learn to do so, you’d be looking at buying a car which is built to flatter even the most inept driver. For me, one car comes to mind. The Mitsubishi EVO 7 (Model: FQ 300): A 4-wheel driven sports saloon, powered by a Mitsubishi 4G63 engine, turbocharged, this car rakes out an astonishing 290bhp!

It’s been my dream to get into an EVO 7 and indeed, my dream came true for me yesterday! I hooked up with a friend of mine who dabbles with used and re-conned cars. This car: One owner, 2001/2004 car, silver with a carbon-fibre tail-wing, graceful lines, masculine profile, TEINTM adjustable shock absorbers and Mitsubishi’s active differential system, this car is one hell of a ride for any Tommi Mackinnen wannabe.

At the flick of the ignition: the hum of the EVO’s muffler and the unmistakable whine of the EVO’s turbine was enough to make my heart skip a few beats!

I got into the driver’s seat, paying attention to the instrumentations and getting used to the seating position. I was intrigued with the select-modes of driving of the car like the ones I read on the internet: “Tarmac”, “Gravel” and “Snow”. For this test run or any other drive on Malaysian roads, it was naturally set on “Tarmac”. I daintily feathered the throttle whilst moved this monster out of the parking bay and onto the road, minding not to damage this piece of engineering achievement.

On reaching the junction towards Jln Damansara, a quick look in both directions, telling my passengers (including the salesman and my friend, Vincent, who arranged the viewing) to “HANG ON”, I floored the pedal with eager anticipation of the acceleration. There I was, pinned to the seat! At the flick of the stick and flooring again, an unmistakable “pssshh” of the dump-valve. At 2nd gear, I was already doing 120kph (and in less then 6 seconds). Another “pssshh” and a third one once I stabilized the ride on 3rd. Then, a corner appears…where other cars would be wallowing, I was lightning! The 4-wheel drive system really showed its prowess. The active differential ensured proper distribution of torque to the wheels.

The EVO 7 showed effortlessness in powering in and out of the corners. Personally, I think this car can run circles around a Ferrari 430 for a fraction of the cost. The acceleration is superb and so is the handling. The comfort is even more astonishing! You’d have thought a performance car entails a hard ride, but this car is even more comfortable than a Porche 911. I wonder who would want a Golf GTI or a Audi S4 when you could have so much fun, superb handling and power on demand with the EVO?

A short but satisfying run on Jln Damansara and back to the car dealer in Damansara Utama. Sadly, I wasn’t thinking of one and neither can I afford an EVO 7. At RM130k plus, it’s out of my league for the moment. I was testing the car for a friend who is interested in a sports saloon but apparently was indisposed at the time. Still, I couldn’t resist the temptation of getting into a rally-road car and ripping the tarmac into pieces in it! J Well, this one is going fast! (literally, cuz I hear there is at least one intended buyer).

I only have one thing to say after being in this sports sedan. "It's no go if it's not an Evo!".

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Epilepsy Legacy

Ever wonder what you'd do if you were walking along a street one day and without a moment's notice, you see a person drop and paralyzed with convulsions?

Facebook is really useful. I just came across a friend-of-a-friend's blog on epilepsy (click here for link) and basically, how to deal with the "condition" (if I am describing it with any justice). Serene Low, the author of the blog is an epileptic, puts her views in a first-person perspective.

Though I've only skimmed "Epilepsy Legacy", I picked up a few postings which may be helpful and potentially life saving if one ever encounters a person with a seizure.

Maybe I should start blogging on more pertinent issues than on cars, gadgets and my antics.

I'm not trying to excuse myself from my 5 month hiatus, but I have to find more inspiring topics/events to blog. Being apolitical in my blog does not help. But then again, I don't want to join an array of writers and bloggers who have posted their ramblings and views.