Lex Petros: June 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Farewell Amelia...

Amelia, it's been a good year and a half working with you.

I shall reminisce the times I casually walked into your room asking for cookies when I experienced hunger pangs in the afternoon.

I definitely will miss the times consulting you on purported serious issues, only to find ourselves laughing later at frivolous things in the midst of our frail attempts at getting back to the issues at hand. It was fun to have had your company during our Tioman trip in April last year (think I shall make a blog of that trip...).

I shall never forget how our voices homogenize into harmony during our duet rendition of "In Love with You"... made popular by Jackie Cheung and Regine Valesquez during Tony Lim's... (I think I should also write a blog about this eccentric character who had touched our lives in more ways than many.. he's now married and in Hong Kong) farewell karaoke session. One of my better duet partner when giving a rendition of this song...

As we part ways today, my best wishes to you. May your ongoing journey be a fruitful and worthwhile one... Remember us always!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Night Ops and Night Oops...

Since I'm also keen on tactical stuff, let me introduce you to the GLADIUS
(click on the link) - to read more about it... but basically:-

Illumination at 90+ lumens... 'a light unto thy path' forms the touchstone of the Gladius Night-Ops tactical light.

The LED (light emitting diod) light, powered by 2 CR123A batteries with a runtime of 90 minutes and 90+ lumens at full power, and 400+ hours at the lowest setting with .8 lumens. Waterproof to 50 meters (divers take note), low battery indication, and auto temp. control.

But THAT's not the highlight of it... the Gladius is equipped with the following modes:

1. Momentary
2. Strobe
3. Constant ON/Adjustable - User Programmable
4. Lock Out

The STROBE function is what caught me... this is resounding the FBI's new sweeping technique using a light source which strobes so as to disorientate the perpetrator, quite useful in night tactical engagement.

For civilian application, I reckon that this baby will deter perps to be and at 90+ lumens, would blind a person temporarily, gaining the precious seconds with which to haste your escape.... now this message goes to ladies, especially those walking alone in a dark and lonely place (try to avoid)... but to the guys, I reckon that this toy would make a good compliment to any notion of "coolness"... plus, made out of anodized aluminium, this baby could take a lot of punishment, including assaulting or jabbing your opponent with it... I reckon...

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Burning Rubber... (Part 2)

Enough said about David and Greg's new rims and tyres (see my blog dated June 17, 2006,).

About a week after my friends had their cars embellished with new steel and rubber, I had all my tires replaced with Yokohoma A-Drive R1 (ARO1) tires (Thailand manufactured), profile; 215/45/17J. These tires are Yokohoma's newest in the range, after the C-Drive.
(The link was last posted on my blog dated June 17, 2006, so, go take a look)

I must say, the ride aint to bad... in fact, the ride isexcellent.... According to Yokohama's 2006 cataglogue, these tires are economical, although, the handling aint comparable to Yokohama's ES 100's, which I used to have on my rims.

The ES 100s were superb. I had very good road-handling and grip, moreso in the rain. Unfortunately, being Japanese manufactured, they come at a premium.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Rotaract District Awards Nite 2006 for District 3300

Hey people. These are some of the photos taken on June 17, 2006 at Holiday Villa, Ampang. My good friend, Ravinder Singh was the OC for the event. Took me back down to memory lane when I was a Rotaractor... For your viewing pleasure :----

Nb. Check out It's free.

Russian Wrist Watches - Daa!

"Time is like energy... you cannot create it, neither can you destroy it..."

This is my most recent acquisition.. thanks to Y.B. Let me introduce you to the Poljot Alarm ''Byzantium'' mechanical watch. Russian made, hand-wound movement with 18 jewels and oscilates at 21.6k vph. Alarm buzzes for about 10 sec. A lot like the Vulcain's 'cricket' hallmark sound (for you watch enthuthiasts, you'd know what im talking about) Not too bad for a wristwatch under USD 200. It is apparent now that Russian made watches are elegant but affordable... To check out the Poljot range and more Russian watches (including the Anatop range), click on this link>>>>>>>

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Burning Rubber...

June 17, 2006: Today must be day I witnessed two over-enthutiastice of mine buddies $plurge (still painful, right guys? :)) a few grand on such impulse for the sake of enhancing the 'masculanity' of their cars. They are none other David and Greg. The haggling was long but I think my two buddies walked... or should I say, drove away with a bigger hole in their pockets, but with more metal to their cars. What to do? My frens wanted new toys, I need to take them to the toy shop lor...What else can I be talking about.... Rims and Tyres!

Check it out....

GREG's Choice
: (excellent choice)
OZ Ultraleggera
17" x 7J
Weights only about 18 pounds
These set was in grahite. I believe they come in silver and gun metal as well.
Check it out at (but mind that its mostly in ITALIAN) To match any OZ rims to your make and model, go to
Greg's choice of tyres were Yokohoma A- Drive series(A Drive R1, - 215/45/17. Link at

DAVID's Choice: (beautiful choice)
18" x 8J
Weights only about 22 pounds.
Tyres were Yokohoma A- Drive series (A Drive R1, AR01) - 225/40/18.

"Ai ya... why got scratch here wan?"

David: Hey, mine gonna be bigger than yours...

Greg: So what? Mine original Italian wor....

David: So, Mine got more grip and tyres fatter...

Cheryl: You two worse than women on a shopping spree ler...

Peter: I think I'm going to have another burger...

AFTER: Must say both their cars really look super after the little enhancements... too bad I forgot to take the "BEFORE" pictures. Now, one word of advise... "Watch out for em potholes..." :)

Anyone else want to change rims? Contact mua... I will be glad to bring you there...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Birthday Greetings: How, John and Christine

I'm beginning to enjoy the get togethers organized by Tracy and gang. Raku Zen is quite a cozy Japenese restaurant with authentic food. This branch was at Chulan Square (very near where I work). There's another at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas.
We celebrated our dear friends' birthdays... How Tze Yen, John You and Christine

Meet John You and Christine. John is a budding young lawyer-to-be currently reading in chambers with Messrs Chooi & Co. I believe his call to the Bar is coming up pretty soon.

Update: June 28, 2006.... due to How's humble request, my comments regarding the picture above has been removed .

Left to right: Christopher (sorry Chris... no better shots of you), How and Kwan Hoe

Charlie's Angels: Christine, Tracy (aka Penguin) and..... er.... sorry.... forgot..... (someone lend me a hand here so that I don't sound too rude) :)

On the last blog, I introduced this strapping fellow as John Alastair ... Meet Yee Boon and Mrs Yee Boon... Kok Ling, having a ball providing us with priceless entertainment. YB is just pure talent in doing that...he's chinese enough to be hilarious and english enough to be witty.

This is excellent Ramen....

"Don't cut it all the way down... or else your wishes won't come true"

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Much Ado About Nothing

As you can see by now.... one of my other keen interest is FOOD... seen here is John Alastair... a British- born chinese indulging on a pot of fugu... the deadly Japanese delight... puffer fish :) I was more risk averse than my adventurous friend. All I had was chicken teppan with japanese grain rice... Don't worry, my friend John survived that feast though.... although I think he's persona is somewhat altered and he now thinks he's from Alor Setar...

Ah... beneath the waves... that's where I want to be. On a serious note though, I would advise all divers and divers to be to keep to the rules and stick by the book. This sport, though really cool comes with its certain inherent dangers... at this point, my friend, John Alastair strayed away from the group, only to be found trying to molest a grouper... narcosis I think :) kidding...

Another thing... did I mention I was in the military... I'm part of an elite group of soldiers with the sole task of apprehending the world's most wanted women terrorists.... Seen here is what we call the "Blue Danube" :) just before I slit her throat. She might be petite and looks harmless, but she can snap me in two without a moment's notice. Actually she's one of the administration personnel in my office and she thought I'd look cool during one of the firm's trips...

The Maldivian Encounter

Hello again...
Here are some of the pictures taken by yours truly of Aindhy, my good old buddy from the Republic of Maldives who came to crash in Malaysia in May 06 a couple of weeks. Aindhy was just exiting Wataniya Telekoms. Our friend is now serving in UNICEF.. Twas nice to having meet up with an old friend. As his blog ( suggests... I was 'stalking' him with my camera... all for the sake of immortalizing the many facets of Aindhy. Actually, I just wanted to make a souvenier CD for him to take back to the islands... By the way, I will be there in August 06! More diving and sun-bathing... If I get lucky, I may just meet the girl of my dreams over there and marry her... after all, I am known to veer towards interracial relationships... Muhibbah... Aindhy would know that word...

Aindhy with the relegated backdrop of Ken Damansara Condominium... where I live. A home is whereever you can go to with people who are willing to put up with ya...

Oh yeah.... we caught MI 3. Btw...Aindhy's quite a movie critique...

May the Force... or Farce, in this case... Be With You!!! ")

These are Aindhy's acquisitions during his visit to Malaysia... mostly comics... or as Aindhy insists... "graphic novels"...

That's me (left from top), Aindhy, my brother Yu Kin and my mum... at dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse (about 3 minutes walk from my place), 2 days before Aindhy had to fly back to home...

Aindhy must be the only person I have observed who can SNORE..ZZZZZZzzzzzz whilst asleep on his chest with such an excessive desible range... suffice to say that I saw a lot of my room ceiling many nites than I did counting sheep.... baaaaa

Rise of the Pete

Hello and Apa khabar!

This is my first posting on my first blog on the internet... Right now, you will only have a photo of me. Quite a handsome bloke, aren't I? (grin) As time goes by, this blog will grow into what i hope to be a trove of things I'd like to share with ALL who comes by.
" What lies before us and what lies behind us is not as important as what lies inside of us" Priscilla Alfred