Lex Petros: October 2007

Thursday, October 25, 2007

When Will People Ever Learn???

I was reading the news on today's edition of New Straits Times and learned of 10-year old Rekha Abdullah's dissaperance. After letting out a 'sigh', the first thought on my mind was, "not again..."
The caption of NST's demograhic read "Nurin 2?". Only a couple of days back or so, I was ranting about Nurin's murder. As I read on, I realized this case had the same modus operandi, young girl walking alone to buy something... a VCD this time....and she never returned.

If it was any other kidnapping with a ransom note or demand to follow, like in the movies, I'd be less disgusted, but with the level of perversion and sex-crazy creeps out in the streets, and our streets at that, I cannot begin to imagine the horror that will ensue.

It's sickening to know that there are predators out there preying on girls like Nurin Jazlin, but equally sickening to know the people NEVER LEARN anything from incidents like these...CAN'T YOU PEOPLE REALIZE THAT THESE BASTARDS ARE STILL OUT THERE!!! Don't let your kids go anywhere alone!!!! It's not the time yet.

Now would be a good time to debut the "Nurin Alert" (click here) or some semblance of it...perhaps the parents' speculations could be true, that Rekha was just causing some panic by virtue of adolescent issues, but then again, nobody is sure. For Rekha and her parents' sake, I really hope they are right about this time...

The police in Penang have mounted a massive manhunt now, but it is also the community's obligation to keep an eye, kinda of like an adaption of the "neighhourhood principle".

A few things that came to mind, which I have acronymed "S.A.F.E."when dealing with the precarious security of our children or loved ones or even ourselves for that matter:-

1) S = Strength in Numbers
  • Never leave the safety of your home ALONE.
  • Have at least one decently-stature adult. Even if the child were to be with his/her parent/guardian, it serves as a deterrent for kidnappers to be.
  • In a kidnapping scenario, two persons can put up a better fight and by clinging on to each other, there is more combined weight and mass
  • I would think an abductor would not spend those few precious seconds to tussle for a victim

2) A= Alert home at all times
  • Let someone in the house know where you're going and if possible, which route you would be taking.
  • In any abduction case, it is imperative to trace the steps to figure out the point of abduction, the most likely trajectory of the assailants and far-fetched, the most probable motive for the abduction. It may sound very inconceivable, but these things may provide a lead in desperate times.
  • Cell phones are useful. You can program a speed-dial number in case an emergency call burst is required.

3) F = Find refuge
  • If there are suspicious characters whom you have noticed, go immediately to the nearest police station/shelter.
  • Know your neighbours well. It would be an asset if you'd find yourself needing refuge in times of danger when en route to your destination.

4) E = Emergency Procedures

  • If possible, make sure you or your child is equipped with a cell phone.
  • Self-defense execution is also essential in times like these. Some basic moves are useful when confronted with these assailants. At least, hold out long enough so that they abandon the deed or at least to draw enough attention. Shouting "FIRE" on top of your voice would help!
  • Pepper sprays, an umbrella, something sharp (like keys or a penknife) or a T.A.S.E.R. (unfortunately, they're not legal for civilian use...yet). Frankly, my personal favourite is a Glock 19 semi-automatic 9mm (if only....)

I only wish that people STOPPED BEING IGNORANT or APATHETIC about the level of social decadence in the days we live in. It's the only way we can safeguard our security. There is a new war going on, and it's a war which we can not choose to go A.W.O.L.

Also click here to see the article on the Star online.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

When Evil Has Without A Face

Selamat hari lahir, Kak Ngah [Nurin Jazlin Jazimin]...tapi kamu di mana nak?" Jazimin, Utusan Malaysia, 11 September 2007 (for more "Quotes-A-Day" during the kidnap saga, click here)

Those few words of Nurin Jazlin's father was for me, the most heart-wrenching words I've ever read. Tears swelled in my eyes. I started reading Nurin Jazlin's blog (click here) couple days ago, set up by her uncle, Jasni when the little girl was taken all of a sudden on that sordid August 20th night.

I saw her photo on the website and on a second glance, things...horrible, despicable things ran through my aching heart as to what unseen acts of perversion were unleashed on this defenseless young damsel who undoubtedly, had been in unsurmountable distress.

I could almost feel the parents' grief as they buried their 8 year old pride-and-joy. Agh! It hurts me to even blog about it now. Take a closer look... she was a pretty young lass with a whole new world before her.... a whole new world in deed. Her life, snuffed out by a spineless animal who preys on innocent young souls...a wolf in sheep's clothing, seeking out our young and virginal daughters and sons.

For this blogger, the fate of others are unknown, but the fate of dear sweet Nurin leaves much to be desired. I saw the pictures of happier times in the family. It pains me so much to know that that has been ripped from them. No amount of courtesy nor consolation will ever make things the same for Nurin's family. I HATE THE PERSON(S) FOR DOING THIS TO THIS FAMILY. THE BASTARDS!!!!

I can't begin to imagine this poor damsel fighting her assailant will every ounce of strength...every fiber in her small-frame would have been resisting the violations committed.... every drop of tears and blood for a losing battle, till there is none...
I cannot imagine ...

Her death was so undignified... too cruel. Her fragile lifeless body was placed in a Diadora sports bag and left by the side of a road next to sign post on a cold-lonely street...devoid of all the life and energy this little girl once possessed.

Now, I could talk about the pervert arrested in Thailand, Christopher Paul Neil, but I won't venture into analogies. For me, I dedicate this posting to all the missing children and persons out there and their families.
DON'T EVEN DARE THINK IT'S SAFE TO LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN OR FOR THAT MATTER, YOURSELF ALONE. They are still out there. It is my opinion that the Nurin Alert (although a good start) came much too late in the day. But its a start, nevertheless.

  • 1987, Ang May Hong (8 years) who was taken and killed in the most inhumane and horrific way. She was walking to buy her brother breakfast.
    May Hong's little brother never got his breakfast, he will never, ever get to see his sister bringing his breakfast home...
  • 1999, Audrey Melissa Batinathan (14 years). She had been raped, battered in the head and strangled. She was 300 meters from school.
She will never experience the elation of graduation, nor of the life which could have been...she will never get her first taste of champagne...she will never again turn around to see her parents waving to her goodbye as she walks to school...

It's not over. ..It will never be till the battle is fought and the spoils of the day are the elimination of corrupt minds and perversive characters. Incarceration and penal sanctions are hardly nipping the problem at the bud.

Suffice to say, present times warrant that parents and guardians must ensure that our daughters and sons re not exposed to decadent elements, lest they gestate into the horrors which we hope not to cast assunder AND to the waste of humanity who are the harbinger of the Devil's designs, the sword of the executioner...this far, no further.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cho Teong and Kelly Lum

20th October 2007.'s another one...... These last 2-3 months; I tell you, at this rate, I'll go bankrupt with all these 'summonses'. *grin*. It's our fellow divers, Ng Cho Teong and Kelly Lum's turn to tie the knot.

Diagressing a little, the last time I met Kelly and Cho Teong was at Sg. Chilling, in Kuala Kubu Bharu (for moderate hikers, this is place to go, but watch out for flash floods during the rainy season) a hike which Mike Tjoa and I did with them on the 27th September (I've yet to blog about that excursion). It's a nice waterfall area with a precursor; 45-minute hike into the woods, through at least 5 to 7 river crossings...ok, back to the issue at hand...

Last nite was their wedding dinner (Cho Teong's in-laws side) in Puchong, at a chinese restaurant named 'Hei Lai Ton', just opposite the IOI Business Centre.

There's still Round 2 at Sri Kembangan next week, on the 27th...and this time, Francis and I, inter alia, are the 'Heng Tais' (aka "gunmen", aka "fools who are going to make fools of themselves" aka "screwed!!!") for Cho Teong's entourage. We've already identified the 'chi muis' who look like they're undoubtedly going to rag us to death....fortunately for us, we've been told that they're not allowed to use women's undergarments because its 'pantang'....Har Har har...but that's no consolation... the wasabe-laden 'delights' are enough to take us out already...

Asther and Francis were the official photographers and I, was the official photographer's assistant, keeping an eye on their equipment and hard disks and lenses.

We were seated at a table of Kelly and Cho Teong's friends. Dinner was enjoyable, save as the 'in-house entertainment'...

Just as I thought I could escape karaoke, there it was...the horrid sight...a karaoke machine at the left-anterior of the podium. AARRRGGH!!! No more Hokkien songs please!!! The kids singing Mandarin songs all are ok...I don't understand a word, but they were adorable. But it's the over-zealous 'Ah suk' I can't tahan!! (this word I know: "Beh Ta Han") Pan Chung and Siew Lui (a couple next to me) were pleading..."Peter, please go up there and SING, please SAVE US"....he he he...At least, "Ronan Keating" and gang with amongst others, "When you say nothing at all" or somesemblance of entertainment... he he he.

Don't worry Cho Teong!!! We'll take care of the rest!!! You just make sure our 'ang pows' are fatter than usual...

Now, where's my insurance policy...??


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Congratulations, Adrian and Vivian

15th October.
Finally, our beloved 'Uncle' Adrian Yeo has tied the proverbial knot. And who a better person than Vivian to be his life-long companion.

I nearly backed out from being his 'Heng Tai'. Then after reflecting on the long friendship I had, and my concern that Adrian would be at the mercy of vicious and merciless 'Chi Mui's', I promptly told Francis that our friend will need reinforcements. "Never give up, never surrender"!!!!

So, after meeting at Adrian's place at about 7am, we went allllll the way to Klang to pick up the bride. There was Thomas, Boon, Francis and I.

I tell ya, negotiations were a killer. First, for the young one to open the car door also must 'tarik harga'. Then, got iron grill some more. Sigh... so how? Drink beer....warm 8am in the morning...bottoms up some more....

Before the gas could clear, must eat wasabe sandwiches... You should have seen Thomas' face...not to mention Boon and Francis who looked like they had red-hot iron rods shoved up their nostrils.... hahahahah....I had escaped that fate. Then, the last punishment at that juncture was to down a nasty concoction of vinegar, chilli and 'god-knows-what', a pleasure given to Francis. All he could say was "OK what?". He he.

But ultimately, once we breached the iron grill, got one more obstacle. The door to the bride's suite. So how? Must tarik harga some more la. This time, managed to get Gibson, the traitor who devised those nasty exercises for us. Had to pump iron and eat a WHOLE banana at the same time...Ha ha ha.

After losing mucho $$, we tried to siege the bridal suite, only managed to nearly kill the 'chi muis'. Only much $$$ flew, we did managed to get into the bridal suite...the correct one that is, seeing there were 8 doors on that floor.

Fun la. Looking forward to Ng Cho Teong and Kelly Lum's wedding coming up next week.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's Been Happening

Dear readers,

It's been a long blogging hiatus for, I thought of resuming my blogging activity by summarizing what's been happening for the last 2 months. In a nutshell:

  • September 9 - Participated in a sanctioned and legal motorsports event. The Grassroots Racing Autosports (GRA) Autosprint Competition (Round 3), I was but a mere bystander in Round 2, sometime in July. It is a fun way of discovering the "racer boy" part of me in a safe, controlled environment. MUM, I'll say it again..."SAFE and CONTROLLED environment" *grin*...
  • October 4 - Me birthday. One of the things I always turn out being surprised are the number of well wishes and emails streaming in from all across the world from all friends and acquaintances, including my insurance agent. It was a memorable one. Thanks to my mum, brother and Karen (bro's other half), I must have had the most meatiest meal ever at the Checkers Restaurant at Damansara Heights (if you ever go there, and I recommend you should, ask for 'SAM') . Also, my good friends, Asther Lau, Francis Tan, Mike Tjoa and Tan Yee Boon (the rascals!) schemed a surprise party (albeit, small one) for me! Thanks a lot guys !
Apart from things happening in my life, my friends and family, quite a few things happened in the last 2 months too!

  • Tony Lim was back from Hong Kong last month, sometime at the end of. It think it was between September 21st to 26th. We got together with Amelia and Yee Boon to catch up in Taman Tun. And as usual, Counter Strike will be a feature when Tony is back. A few hours of computer-gaming had never hurt anyone. :)
  • In fact, Tony was back again this week for a family matter. This time, David could make it for our CS session. It was fun to do it 2 years plus ago, late after work and before most of the guys were married. I must say, now, every minute I get to spend with these guys is a blessing. But all's well that ends well.
  • Yee Boon's wife gave birth to a baby boy. 6 pounds and something... In fact, YB and missus just had their baby's full moon party yesterday. Little Hong Zher was sound asleep when I met him for the very first time. YB's a father now....a dive buddy is now in the ranks of the 'uncles'. hehe. Anyways, congratulations to the both of you, Yee Boon and Kok Ling!!!